10 Best Lad Holiday Destinations: From Ibiza To Vegas

A healthy brown glow. A smartphone swollen with hilarious photos. A selection of stories wide enough to write a risqué novel. These are all classic end results of a lads’ holiday – an unforgettable few days in man’s life where stress is put on hold and replaced with howls of laughter.

A boys’ week away is a trip that absolutely every male ought to embark on at some point during their twenties (or late teens), as these come to represent some of the most memorable and enjoyable days that they’ll look back on for years to come.

There’s a hedonistic hunger rumbling away in every young male, and lads’ holidays act as the three-course meal of mayhem suitable for satisfying these cravings. Thrill seeking arrives in many shapes and forms, and whilst zinging strobe-lights may be the archetypal poster image for a getaway with the boys, electrifying vacations can actually involve a wide variety of other elements too.

Discussed here are the ten very best lad holiday destinations. Whether your boys thrive on stumbling home as the sun comes up, find solace in tucking into fine cuisine, or revel in the surroundings of breath-taking scenery, there’s something here for just about every male out there. Take a look and see which of these terrific lad holiday destinations is ideal for you and your gang.

1. Ibiza


It had to be on here, didn’t it? Ibiza is always the first location on the lips of excitable twenty-somethings discussing potential trips whilst sat huddled over pints in the local. And, with good cause too. Ibiza offers everything you could possibly want in a manic lads’ holiday destination: hot sandy beaches, booming nightclubs, and resident spots for some of the greatest dance music DJ’s in history.

There are three main districts to choose from – all throbbing with super-clubs and offering idyllic sunset views. San Antonio is home to a phenomenal harbour and the famous Ibiza Rocks Hotel, whereas Playa d’en Bossa boasts the longest bit of beach on the island. In the centre sits San Rafael, where the incredible Amensia nightclub offers up some of the most spectacular party nights anywhere in the world.

July and August see visitor numbers swell to astronomical sizes. Tickets for the big parties aren’t impossible to attain (despite the rumours), but purchasing them way in advance is certainly recommended. Beautiful, bouncing and batty, Ibiza offers the kind of maniacal head-trip of a holiday that is tailored specifically to energetic young males.

2. Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

A city of contrasts in many ways, the capital of the Czech Republic appears clean, striking and sophisticated to the naked eye, but lurking underneath is a wild side that makes it perfect for a lads’ getaway trip. With delicious Czech lager poured out for as little as 70p a pint, and a glut of sexy adult shows raunchy enough to make Hugh Hefner blush, Prague is perfect for a group of twenty-somethings searching for a boisterous and fun-filled holiday.

With striking monuments, snug cafes (that sell gorgeous lager on tap), and fine restaurants, there’s plenty to do before the sun goes down. Anyone looking for something a little different will absolutely love the Ice Bar – there really is nothing cooler.

3. Amsterdam

S.Borisov / Shutterstock.com

Amsterdam is a world unlike any other – liberated, cultured, and utterly absorbing. It’s an absolute doddle to get to if you’re flying out from the UK, and acts as a perfect weekend break for you and the lads to fit in some much-needed male bonding time – with pubs, clubs and bars aplenty.

Getting around is extremely easy given how most residents speak English, and for anyone seeking a cultural experience – there are a wide range of museums and monuments to take in. From the twinkling canals to the searing lights of the astonishing nightlife scene, Amsterdam is a perfect place for a fun few days with the boys.

4. Las Vegas

Las Vegas Sign

What is there to say about Vegas that hasn’t already been said? The glittering casinos, the illustrious pool parties, the dazzling bar scene – it’s all been written about and shown in the movies for decades. It’s not all bluster either. Las Vegas really is just as a phenomenal an experience as it appears to be on Hollywood screens.

By saving up for just a few months, you and your friends can jet off to the states and experience what it’s like to be a true American hot-shot. The only hard part is trying not to gawp at the bottomless pit of free drinks on offer, and the endless parade of celebrities who prowl the city day and night.

5. Verbier

Verbier, Switzerland

Offering a distinctly different flavour to typical lads’ holiday destination, Verbier nonetheless remains just as worthy a recommendation as any other when it comes to fun-filled vacation spots.

A village located in south-west Switzerland, Verbier offers the opportunity for you and the boys to rent a chalet, ski the slopes, and knock back a few tall frothy beers in the evenings in the pubs. It’s a terrific way to spend time with your buddies, and offers fun for any group regardless of whether they want excitement or relaxation.

6. Magaluf

Magaluf, Mallorca

A partying paradise for groups of lads looking to get away from the monotony of the nine-to-five, Magaluf is home to a vibrant, exuberant nightlife scene – all set against a beautiful backdrop of the luminous Mediterranean Sea.

Boasting Europe’s biggest nightclub – the irrepressible BCM – and a wide variety of bouncing bars on the sizzling Punta Balena strip, Magaluf is a sun-drenched location where the good times roll twenty-four-seven.

7. Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Previously considered to be a hidden gem of a lads’ holiday and now slowly emerging as a popular hotspot for a boys’ week away, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is without doubt a terrific place for you and your buddies to knock back some beers and let yourselves go.

Home to a dizzying selection of bars and nightclubs, Sunny Beach does what it says on the tin too – offering visitors a gorgeous stretch of sand to snuggle into and soak up the blissful rays of the sun.

8. Malia

Malia, Crete Island, Greece

No doubt you will have heard other groups of lads singing “ooh-ahh, Malia!” in the weeks leading up to a holiday there. Whether you have a humble affection for this little ditty or not, it’s true that these boys have reason to be excited about their trip to Crete.

Home to a wild partying scene, this corner of Greece has emerged as a noteworthy rival to the clubbing resorts of Ibiza and Magaluf over the past few years. Whether your boys are up for donning boiler suit and being splattered with glow paint on Malia Rocks Beach, hopping aboard a roaring jet-ski, or lying on a hot sandy beach with a beer in hand, there’s enormous amounts of fun to be had in this terrific holiday location.

9. Berlin

Berlin party
salajean / Shutterstock.com

For a frenetic weekend away with the lads, Berlin is another excellent choice. Packed to the rafters with prestigious nightclubs, this German city is also home to some mouth-watering cuisine, a vibrant live music scene, and mesmerising museums for those seeking some cutting-edge culture.

With some beautiful lagers on tap in an array of sleek, chic, fashionable bars, Berlin gives lads the opportunity to sip peacefully by day and go wild by night.

10. Ayia Napa

Aiya Napa, Cyprus

Another holiday destination often grouped together with the likes of Magaluf, Ibiza and Malia, Ayia Napa is a pulsating party resort located in southeast Cyprus.

Stuffed with foam parties, beach raves, and plenty of places to grab a cheap, quiet pint, Ayia Napa is simultaneously frenzied and friendly – allowing lads to let loose and enjoy themselves with some fantastic groups of people. With an incredible fourteen different beaches to choose from, there really is no better place for you and the boys to get working on those tans.

Now that you have all the info you could possibly need, don’t wait a moment longer. Round up the troops, show them the holiday suggestions, and jet off for an experience you’re never going to forget.