10 Quick Ways To Look More Stylish

We’d all like to look a bit more stylish, wouldn’t we? Yes, relaxing in our shorts and lazing about in our scruffs may be comfy, but if you really want to feel great, walk into a room looking stylish. The looks you get will make you feel euphoric. And, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to make yourself more stylish. Here are ten quick tips to get you on the right path.

Get a good suit


Fashions come and go, but one thing that will always look good in any situation is a good suit. Walking into a room with a well-cut and stylish suit will instantly make you stand out and people will be drawn to you naturally. This instantly builds your confidence, which is attractive in itself! A good suit doesn’t have to cost the earth, but that doesn’t mean going down to your local supermarket. Buying a suit in the £300 – £500 range will get you a good looking and stylish outfit that will look good wherever you go. If you can stretch to a tailored suit, do it. Nothing looks better than a suit that has been made just for you.


Man using concealer

OK, make-up isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you can bring yourself to using it, then it can really add to your sense of style. We’re not talking about mascara and lipstick; we’re being a bit more realistic and just concentrating on concealer. If you’re tired or ill, a little bit of concealer can do wonders, and if you do it right, nobody will ever know.

Shoes maketh the man


You may not realise this, but shoes are one of the first things that women look at about a man. With feet being the foundation of bodies, it’s also a good idea for you to look after them. Never try to buy shoes on the cheap; it is a false economy. A good shoe, looked after well, will last you a long time and will look ace. Wearing quality footwear feels good too, so will make you walk taller and with confidence.

Don’t forget to co-ordinate

Leather belt

Looking good doesn’t always have to mean big changes. In fact, it’s more to do with the finer details. For example, if you’re wearing a smart suit, then your leather belt should match in colour to your shoe or as close as you can. Carrying a bag, gloves or wearing a hat? Then try and match the tones so that your outfit speaks with one, unified voice. These small changes will help you look infinitely better.

Socks are crucial


We’ve talked about the finer details being important, and this is why your choice of socks is so important. Don’t be boring and go with black and, for God’s sake, leave the white socks for the gym. Go for a good quality sock in a bold colour, such as red. Trust us when we say, you’ll look that little bit more stylish than the average Joe.

Buy clothes that fit you

Tailored suit

For many people, their weight can change significantly over a couple of years. That means you could have a wardrobe full of clothes of varying sizes. Either wearing clothes that are too tight or too baggy looks positively awful, and you will most certainly not look your best. Always make sure you have clothes that fit you perfectly. It’s a small thing, but its effects are massive.

Invest in a good watch


If you’ve got the money, of course, a Tag Heuer or Rolex will look fantastic. But you don’t have to be spending thousands to get a good quality watch that looks good. Go for a chunky chronograph from a well-known brand and you’ll have a watch that will add to your appearance in a subtle but powerful way. Watches are a symbol of success; so as soon as you can afford one of the premier brands, get one. It will not only add style, it will add to your reputation.

Choose your aftershave carefully

Man using aftershave

Do you wear aftershave? Or do you just make do with a bit of deodorant or body spray? Aftershave can add class and style to any man, but make sure you get the right scent for you. Go for eau de toilette rather than cologne, as this is generally more concentrated. And, make sure you go to a specialist shop or counter, as you’ll be able to test out lots of different varieties and get advice on what’s right for you. Women love a man who smells good.



We’ve concentrated on clothing and accessories largely in this article but we shouldn’t forget the skin. Your skin speaks volumes about you, so if you want a boost in the style stakes you need to start looking after it. Get yourself some good quality moisturiser with an SPF of 30. You’ll soon banish any flaky skin and you’ll be all set to age gracefully and stylishly.

Tame that hair!

Man getting haircut

And, we don’t just mean the hair on your head! We’re talking ears, back, nose, eyebrows, chest, and, yes, even down there in the inspeakables! As you age, hair starts sprouting up all over the place, so you need to be looking out for it from your mid-twenties. Get rid of all your nose and ear hair, as well as your back hair and just neatly tidy up everywhere else. This will instantly make you look significantly better!