10 Reasons Why You Should Start MMA

If you’re finding yourself looking for a new challenge, then why not consider MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)? As the world’s fastest growing sport, there are MMA gyms now in nearly every town and city in the UK, and more and more are opening on a monthly basis. MMA will not only teach you how to defend yourself and get ultra fit, but you could end up competing in one of world’s most demanding an exciting sports.

What is MMA?

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and is exactly what it says, a mixture of different martial arts. It takes the best of different forms of combat and combines them into a deadly art all of its own.

MMA is said to be made up of the following:

Thai boxing

MMA takes the vicious kicks, knees and elbows from Thai Boxing, as well as some of their tough conditioning training techniques
Wrestling and Judo – MMA takes the grappling and throws from wrestling and judo, but not the complex regulations, leaving MMA with some devastating moves that aren’t bound by silly competition rules.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The foundation of all MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners have unsurpassed ground fighting techniques, and MMA makes great use of these.


Boxers throw the best punches, so MMA athletes train in boxing to learn how to throw devastating right and left hands.

All of these combined make Mixed Martial Arts the most devastating and effective martial art on the planet, and you can see this in the many MMA events that are put on. From the worldwide Ultimate FIghting Championship to local shows and events, you’re bound to be impressed with the guys that practice this deadly art.

Below we take a look at 10 reasons why you should start training in MMA:

1. Confidence

MMA is a fantastic confidence builder. When you are walking down the street it gives you a bit of bounce in your stride, knowing that you are capable of defending on yourself. With MMA, the training you do is real, and as close to the street as you can get. Knowing how to fight can actually make you less of a target because you exude confidence.

2. Discipline

MMA, like any fighting art is a great way of instilling some discipline in your life. As well as training your body, Mixed Martial Arts trains your mind. To get the most from MMA, you need to eat right, sleep right, train right and live right. Not only does this benefit you personally, but will help you in your working life too.

3. MMA is a fantastic physical workout

MMA training works your whole body intensively, as well giving you a great cardio and strength workout. Sparring is about as brutal as cardio gets, and grappling works muscles across your body that you didn’t even realise they were there. There is simply no better allround exercise, and you’ll look ripped in no time.

4. You’ll meet some great mates

There’s a strong bond between people who train together in MMA. It takes a certain sort of person and you’ll meet people with the same steely determination and discipline as yourself, and these people will become friends for life. However good you are at MMA, you’ll get respect in the gym for turning up and trying, and you’ll soon get better with some regular training.

5. You’re going to be well-hard

We’re not going to beat around the bush. It would be great to be as hard as nails wouldn’t it? Not being afraid to walk into the rougher pubs in town, not feeling like you have to cross the road when you pass a group of rowdy youths. The fact is, nobody is going to mess with you if they know you study MMA, and if they do, they’re going to regret it.

6. MMA can help fight depression

We live in a world where being ‘manly’ can be looked down upon in certain situations, and some men can feel depressed at not being able to express their maleness. Fighting in a controlled environment is about as manly as it gets and this, combined with the exercise can be a great tool in fighting depression.

7. MMA can help you become a winner

We live in a society where we constantly told that winning isn’t everything and that it is the taking part that counts. Whilst that may be true for certain things, it certainly isn’t for others such as in business. There’s only one winner in an MMA match, and that’s the same in business too. Training in MMA can fire up your competitive spirit and make you a winner in life too.

8. MMA is a great stress reliever

If you have a stressful job, then there is no better way of burning off all that tension than a good MMA workout. After an hours training and sparring, dripping in sweat with sore muscles, your stress will be long gone and you will sleep like a baby.

9. Women love fighters

Women are supposed to hate violence but take a look at the ringside of any boxing or MMA event and you will see a host of women and they all share one thing, they are HOT. As an MMA fighter, women will love your ripped body and the fact that you can defend them when confronted with violence.

10. You might become a champion

You might decide that just training in MMA is for you. But if you decide to compete, who knows where it could take you? The UK has a great history of producing MMA fighters. Michael Bisping is one of the best known UFC fighters in the world, and he started his training in the small Lancashire town of Clitheroe. You might be the next big thing, and with that comes plenty of money too.

If you’d like to give MMA a go, get yourself on Google and find yourself a local club. If you find that it is for you, then you’ll have a lifelong hobby that will benefit your life in so many ways. And you’ll be well tough!