10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

Different styles suit different people, but there are a few wardrobe staples that should be in every man’s wardrobe. To get you sorted, here’s a quick check list to make sure you tick all the boxes when it comes to looking sharp.

1. Suit

Man in Suit

Every man needs a suit. End of discussion. Black is the obvious choice, but why not try blue, navy or grey to separate yourself from the pack?

Don’t just buy any suit. Talk to your local tailor, and get a suit that fits you properly. There’s nothing worse than a suit that’s hanging down on you, and like it or not, the people you meet at job interviews or important meetings are going to judge you by how well-fitted your suit is. Splash the cash and you’ll feel the benefit.

2. Leather jacket

Leather Jacket

Nobody’s cooler than Fonzie in Happy Days. And part of The Fonz’s appeal is in his look: a cool , crisp leather jacket.

When recreating this retro look, the golden rule is to make it a trim fit. Like suits, there’s nothing worse than a slumpy leather jacket hanging off somebody. A leather jacket should breed confidence, and this comes through its fitting.

As much as we love The Fonz, you’re going to have to get a leather jacket with a more modern feel. A bomber leather jacket with a shirt style collar creates that contemporary look. Happy days!

3. Well-fitting jeans

Men's Jeans

Are skinny jeans gone? Bootcuts back in? We can hardly keep up either! Make buying jeans simple and choose a pair of loose fitting navy or dark blue jeans. If it fits perfectly, go a bit looser. Those jeans are going to stretch after using them.

We’re talking essentials here, so no need for bold statements like acid wash or rips. Just some dark blue or navy jeans that look the business. Simples.

4. V-neck jumper

Men's V-Neck Jumper

The ‘v’ in v-neck could stand for versatile. You can use this for causal wear, or even wear it under your suit for those chilly days. Neutral colours like black, navy, blue, grey or white all do the trick. Take your pick of these colours and you can’t go wrong.

For cashmere you’re going to need some cash. But wool and cotton will also do a great job and won’t go too heavy on your bank account.

5. Chinos

Men's Chinos

Jeans are the standard trouser-wear, but you’ll need an alternative. With chinos you’ll get something that’s comfortable yet stylish.

If you’re feeling bold go red, but beige will guarantee the relaxed feel. Chinos are in at the moment, so sticking with less flashy colours will keep them in style that extra bit longer.

6. Satchel

Man Bag

It’s time we got over ourselves and embraced the man-bag. A small satchel can carry just about everything you need for a commute, while making you look smooth at the same time. Keep it simple and you’re sorted..

7. Vintage trainers

Emka74 / Shutterstock.com

No casual look is complete without trainers. You can spend big or low on trainers, it depends on you. White trainers look great, but darker colours last longer. How you normally treat your trainers should decide the colour.

8. Casual shirts

Farmer Shirt

Get the lumberjack look, with a smart casual checked shirt. There’s limitless colours you can choose, but try not to go too off the wall with them. Bold colours create a summer look whereas neutral last all year round. Create different feels for different occasions by simply buttoning down for more casual, and buttoning up for smart.

Remember: you’re a rugged lumberjack that’s spent the day chopping wood, so you will have to have the sleeves pulled up!

9. Trench coat


“Elementary, my dear, Watson,” is the famously misquoted catchphrase of Sherlock Holmes. What is elementary about Sherlock is his trench coat: a simple, stylish coat for the rough winter months.

Traditionally, they come in beige or khaki, but black, blue or grey can also work well. It should have a slim cut to make you look slender, but at the same time should feel comfortable. Need to make yourself look that extra bit dapper? Mystery solved!

10. Slim dress shoes

Men's Dress Shoes

We’ll leave having too many shoes for the girls. Just one crisp pair of slim dress shoes is all you’ll need to create that formal feel.

Black or brown? I hear you ask. Gone are the days of ‘no brown shoes after 6’, so pick whichever suits you best. In general, brown for blue or navy suits, black for black suits, and grey can accommodate either. Mix navy and black and you will be reported for crimes against fashion!