20 Essential Things Every Man Should Own

There’s a old phrase that states, ‘Clothes don’t maketh the man’. We’re not too sure how much truth is in this statement, but what we are sure of is that there are some essential items that every man MUST own. From tailored suits to WD-40 and jump leads, if you’re a man’s man, make sure you tick everything off this list.

Tailored suit

Classic tailored suit

EVERY man should have at least one tailored suit. Think they’re expensive? Think again. Considering the wear you’ll get out of them and the fact they will last longer and look much better than an off-the-peg suit, they’re actually a far more cost-effective option. With a made-to-measure suit, you’ll have complete control over how everything looks and because it is made just for you, it will fit you perfectly and emphasise all your best assets, whilst hiding your worst.



If you’re usually just happy to spray on some deodorant or antiperspirant, it’s time to get yourself some aftershave. A good smelling aftershave sets you apart, so choose wisely. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but in general, the brands at the lower end of the market may smell OK, but their scent doesn’t always last that long. Just remember though that whichever aftershave you buy, don’t bathe in the stuff. Less is more – please always stick to this rule.

Cordless drill

Cordless drill

Stuff needs fixing; it’s a fact of life. Whether it’s putting a shelf up, hanging a door or fixing your LCD TV to the wall, you’re going to need a drill. Don’t skimp and get a cordless hammer drill and you’ll have one that can cope with virtually all circumstances, even drilling through brick.



Along with your cordless drill, every man should have a toolbox. Full to the brim with screwdrivers, nails, screws, socket sets and every other tool you can think of, women will be impressed with a big toolbox (and that’s not a euphemism). If that girl you have always fancied gives you a call because she need something fixing, imagine how impressed she’s going to be when you turn up like a knight in shining armour to the rescue with your big toolbox.

Lint roller

Lint roller

Have you ever pulled your suit or another piece of clothing out and found that it is full of little bits of fluff? What you need is a lint roller. But they are so much than that. Able to get rid of all those little bits from your best stuff, you can also use them to tackle pet hair and other nuisances.

Valid passport

Passport UK

When discussing with your mates about which pub to visit to watch your team play, why not do something adventurous instead by taking off in the car for a road trip to Dusseldorf? Or perhaps take your loved one on a spontaneous, romantic break to Europe. Make sure your passport is up-to-date, and you won’t have to miss out on these sudden opportunities.

Universal remote control

A selection of remotes

With the numerous electrical appliances in your house all having a separate remote control, why not make your life easier by getting a universal remote that controls everything in your home, from your DVD and stereo to your TV and Sky box? Now you only have one remote to look for!


Wallet with bank notes

Bunging all your change into your pocket really just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially if you are trying to make a good impression. What you need is a wallet. We’re not talking about a fat scruffy wallet stuffed with receipts and a load of other junk that your dad probably uses. We’re talking about a sleek, sophisticated wallet that oozes style and sophistication. If you want something even less bulky, try a stylish cardholder.

A corkscrew


Even if you’re the most laddish of lads and you can’t even comprehend thinking about drinking wine (never mind actually doing it), you may not own a corkscrew. But, what’s going to happen when you invite that special lady round for a cosy intimate evening? As nice as Stella Artois is, it isn’t going to cut it in the seduction stakes. She may bring a bottle round herself and you hacking away at the cork with a knife whilst muttering expletives under your breath isn’t going to help the cause.

A cookbook


Even if you can’t cook to save your life, there comes a time in every man’s life where he has to try. Getting a basic cookbook will take you through simple meals that you can cook yourself that will not only save you money but will be more nutritious too. You spend so much time at the gym working out; you owe it to yourself to have more than just a collection of fast food. There are also the other benefits too. Women, for example, love a man who can cook.


urbanbuzz / Shutterstock.com

WD-40 really is something every man should own. Rusty screws? Need to clean your garden tools? Squeaky ironing board? Need to remove gum from wallpaper? Coffee stains on your tiled floor? Need to protect meal objects from corrosion? Take a look at this list from the makers of WD-40. WD-40 can pretty much do anything!

Cool watch

chronograph watch

Watches, in terms of their use, are pretty pointless in many ways, as we can all tell the time using our mobile phones whenever we want. However, there is nothing quite as stylish on a man than a sleek and sophisticated watch. Don’t be tempted to go all hi-tech and purchase an Apple or Android watch – it will only make you look a bit pretentious. Go for a classic chronograph watch to give off a real sense of style.



Cufflinks are kind of pointless now, with most shirts having cuff buttons. However, cufflinks add that little bit extra, polishing your look and showing that you are a man who has a real attention to detail. Cufflinks are a small but very noticeable aspect of dressing to impress for the life and career you desire.

A good pen

Fountain Pen

Like cufflinks, an expensive, stylish pen isn’t an essential item, but it is one that speaks volumes. A sophisticated, refillable pen is one of the things that people notice, and will set you aside as someone with that little bit of extra class and sophistication.

Grooming kit

men's grooming kit

It’s hard to take, but as you get a bit older, you start getting hairs in places that you never have done before. It can start anytime from your mid-twenties, so stop the problem before it starts and get yourself a grooming kit to trim those eyebrows, cut that nose hair and tame that bush that is going to grow in your ear.

Iron and ironing board

Iron & Ironing Board

Even if you dress casually most of the time, there’s a time in every man’s life where he is going to have to get himself an iron and ironing board. Whether you rely on taking your stuff round to your mum’s or you simply look permanently creased, get yourself an ironing board and iron and start learning. Yes, it’s a pain and it’s time consuming, but there is nothing women love better than a man in a crisp, clean shirt.

Cool sunglasses

Man in aviators

From James Dean and Steve McQueen to David Beckham and George Clooney, a cool pair of sunglasses always adds to a man’s style. Whether you decide to go for aviators, wraparound or another style, don’t buy a cheap pair. Then put your hand in your pocket and you’ll not only just look good, you’ll feel good too.

Lots and lots of bedding

King sized bed

Be honest. How often do you change your bed sheets? Or are you like a lot of men and think that a quick Febreze once a month is enough? You should be changing your sheets a lot more regularly than that. You’ll not only sleep much better in lovely clean bedding, women will be impressed that you take cleanliness so seriously.

A good car

Mercedes Benz
Vucicevic Milos / Shutterstock.com

If you’ve not even got a driving licence, it is time to get one and then get yourself a good car. We’re not talking a hot hatch like a Golf Gti or a Seat Leon Cupra. As nice as those cars are, they are a bit ‘boy racer’. You need a car that portrays a man who is successful, who is in control and who is going places. Look at Audis, BMWs and Mercedes. Even if you have to buy a model that is a number of years old, they are good quality cars that ooze style.

Jump leads

Jump leads

We don’t often get the chance to be a hero and save a beautiful woman in the modern world. However, if you have a pair of jump leads (and know how to use them) it enables you to be the guy who saves the day. Whether it’s a colleague’s car that won’t start, or, even better, if you find a woman-in-need along the side of the road – you can be a real man and start her car. ‘My hero’, she’ll say.