5 Men Every Man Needs In His Life And How To Find Them

We all like to think of ourselves as rugged and independent. But to be the best we can be, whether it looking good, feeling good or simply being an awesome individual, we need help, and knowing where to turn is crucial. Here are five men that are essential in every man’s life:


Barber shop

If you cut your own hair, or simply walk to the nearest barbers to get your haircut, you could be doing it a lot better. Your haircut is with you 24-hours a day, so it is crucial that you get it right. You can be wearing the finest clothes, which are expertly tailored, but there’s nothing that can ruin such style as a bad haircut. It’s not just aesthetically displeasing, it is demoralising.

If you’re going to a barber who’s only question is ‘What would you like?’ then you’ve got the wrong guy. The right barber should be advising on you what works, what doesn’t and pulling together your job, social life, likes, dislikes and aspirations into one, single holistic, functional yet stylish design.

How to find a good barber

A good barber should be a consultant, someone who asks the right questions, and is honest enough to tell you what is possible and what is not. Ask for a free consultation. If they don’t do these, simply walk away.



The vast majority of men in the UK do not use the services of a cobbler. Why? Because as a nation, we buy cheap, poorly made shoes and simply replace them when they’ve become past their best. As well as not being very cost-efficient, it’s bad for the environment and means you’re not taking the best care of your feet.

You should start by buying handmade pair of leather shoes. Look at companies like Loake, and you’ll find that they are not as expensive as you think. Now it’s a case of looking after them. Give them a good polish every two or three wears, and you’ll find that your shoes will last so much longer, as well as looking better. But when the sole starts to wear or your shoes are beginning to look a little tired, call in the help of an expert. A good cobbler can add years to the life of your shoe.

How to find a good cobbler

Avoid the chains offering shoe repair and key cutting services. Instead, seek out a proper, old-fashioned cobbler and have a look at what he is working on. If they are working on good quality Goodyear Welted shoes, for example, you know you’re looking at an expert.

Personal trainer

personal trainer

Look after your body and your body will look after you. It may be an overused statement, but it’s true. If you’re struggling along at the gym, not really getting anywhere, and watching your fitness goals slip away, why not get yourself the best personal trainer that you can afford?

The right trainer will clear the way to reach your fitness goals and improve your health significantly. But think about the other benefits too. You’ll look better, you will feel better and your clothes will have an extra dimension of awesomeness when they’re sitting on your new buff body. You’ll find pulling women far, far easier too. Getting a good personal trainer can be one of the best investments you will ever make, and your investment will be paid back over and over again.

How to find a good personal trainer

It can be tough. Don’t be too concerned with getting someone with lots of celebrity clients, as this doesn’t mean they are any good. You are going to be spending a lot of time with your personal trainer so it’s all about the relationship. Take note of their qualifications, experience, CV and location but make sure you get on with them well. That’s the most important thing.


Tailored suit

A good tailor is essential if you want to look your very best. Hiding all the bad bits, accentuating all your good bits, they are worth their weight in gold. A good tailor should be a friend for life, and should know your body as well as you! They’ll know what trends are in and what are out, and more importantly, what will work for you and what won’t. Honesty is one of the greatest traits of the very best tailors!

Wearing tailored clothes will put you head far above your business competitors and you will stand out as someone who has style and confidence. It’s also a cost efficient way of buying and wearing clothes. Sure, it’s more expensive in the short term, but a tailored suit will far outlive an off-the peg suit.

How to find a good tailor

Saville Row in London is the obvious place to start, but even if you are not based in London, you will find good quality tailors in all major cities. It’s a case of going in, looking at their work and talking to them. If you get a good feeling and like their styles, then go for it. They’ll be one of your best friends for life!

Father Figure

father and son

Whether it’s your actual dad or someone more mature than you who you respect or look up to, having someone like this to ask advice is tantamount to a happy and successful life. They’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt, so can help you from making the same mistakes they made.

You may think that your best friend can offer a lot of advice and, yes, they probably can. But, the problem is that they are probably a similar age and background. Because of this, even between best friends, there can still be jealously, which means all the advice you receive might not be in your best interests. A father figure, on the other hand, is not competing with you as such, and, therefore, you should receive more impartial, useful advice.

Having these men in your life will improve it immensely. You’ll look better, feel better and more importantly, you will have more direction in your life and, ultimately, you’ll be more successful.