7 Things That Every Man Would Buy After A Lottery Win

Every man on the planet has probably done it at some point. Whether it’s been during a particular dreary nine-to-five shift or at home whilst tucking into tea, every male has at one stage or another allowed their mind to wander into the dizzying blissful dream space of a jackpot lottery win.

Fantasising about seeing your six lucky numbers flash up on your television screen provides temporary relief from the hardships of real life – which have the potential to drag even the most happy-go-lucky man down to his knees from time-to-time. Sure, you’d have to be pretty lucky for your lottery numbers to actually come in, but contemplating what you’d do with the winnings in a hypothetical way doesn’t half have the ability to get your blood pumping with excitement.

It’d be easy to say that each individual man would react differently after raking in a big sum of money. Whilst this suggestion remains true to an extent, there are seven particular things that pretty much every male would splash out on as soon as they realised that they’d hit the big time. If you’re a man who’s currently sat at home with a lottery ticket on the side, you might just find yourself nodding in agreement at some of the incredible things on this jackpot-winning list itemised below.

7. A Full-Body Spa Shower

Shower head

It may seem a little girly on first glance, but there’s no honest man alive who wouldn’t seriously consider investing a heavenly bathroom after the initial lottery fund cash-splash on cars and fine food eventually calmed down. A full-body spa shower would be the finest way for a newly wealthy man to wake up in the mornings. Imagine a bathroom so divine that you wouldn’t want to unlock the door until midday. Hot, steamy water jets washing away the stresses and pressures of modern life, threatening to pamper you into a comatose state. Ahh.

6. A Dream Car

Aston Martin
johnbraid / Shutterstock.com

A little obvious, but an absolute must nonetheless. No matter what vehicle they might own, any man would be tossing it back to the dealership and go hunting for their dream car after their lottery ticket numbers came rolling in. Some men may go for the classic options such as a Rolls’ Royce, Lamborghini or Bentley, whereas others may think a little more extravagantly and opt for something off the scale – like a genuine Bond vehicle, monster truck or a car that’s completely tailored-made to their very own specifications…within reason.

5. A Giant Walk-In Beer Fridge


A man with a modest lifestyle probably has a mini-fridge for his six-pack of cold ones. A man with a little more to spend probably has a cabinet dotted with bottles of liquor dating back decades. A man with all the money in the world however, would probably own an enormous giant walk-in fridge specifically for stacking and storing his favourite beer. For those who prefer the kind of alcoholic drinks that are typically stored at room temperature, how about substituting this giant chiller for a supersized sophisticated liquor storage unit with gorgeous oak shelving?

4. A Luxurious Yacht

Luxury yacht

It doesn’t matter whether a man has been out to sea on regular basis or has never set foot off dry land before – a lottery win will make them want to buy a boat. The ultimate representation of wealth and success, a beautiful, glossy, big white yacht can be decked out with a bar, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, pool table, dining room and even a butler or two. Perhaps even a storage area for a fabulous, fizzing speedboat could lurk around in the depths of the giant boat just for a little extra fun.

3. Private Pool With A Cinema Screen

Luxury private pool

Many wealthy men have their own private cinema screening room in their home, and many others with a bit of cash on the side also choose to have their very own swimming pool built into their backyard or as an indoor extension. If you fancy yourself a bit of a male film buff who’s also partial to a dip in the pool, a big lottery win would allow you to buy both – and put them together! Just picture it – the movie “Die Hard” beaming out from a giant screen whilst you’re nestled snugly in a floating sun lounger sipping an ice-cold beer. Bliss.

2. VIP Treatment At A Favourite Sports Team Stadium

Shahid Khan / Shutterstock.com

A heck of a lot of men absolutely love their sport. The act of going to watch a favourite team on a weekly basis is something that millions of males all over the world do for decades – and if lady luck ever decided to shine down on any of these men, very few of them would abandon their passion for their team. Instead, they’d visit their team’s stadium in style – pumping a fresh batch of cash into the club and receiving VIP treatment in return. A three-course meal, an executive box, their name plastered across the stadium, the very best seats in the house, and also the opportunity to converse and associate themselves with the sportsmen they’ve always considered to be their heroes.

1. An Ultimate Holiday Home… Or Two

Patio with a view

Having all the money in the world would allow any man to renovate their pad in new and spectacular ways, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t purchase their very own holiday home (or two) on top for good measure. Put yourself in the shoes of a lottery winner, close your eyes, and picture your perfect vacation. A tropical island surrounded by long stretches of hot golden sand, a canvas of fresh white snow, a cobbled street with live music dancing on the air. No matter what your favourite scenario might be, a lottery win would allow you to purchase a permanent home in your own personal dreamland.