7 Things You Should Never Do on a Stag Night

Stag do rules are essential if the stag night you are attending is to be as successful as possible. Whether you are the stag or you are just attending, whilst it can be great to let your hair down and have a blast, follow these 7 rules to ensure that the night goes as well as it can and you don’t end up in trouble the day after…

Share photographs on social media

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Are you mad? What goes on on a stag night stays on the stag night! Seriously though, as good as social media is and as fun as it is to post photographs of you and your mates on the stag party, social media is a double-edged sword. What is hilarious on a Saturday night whilst full of alcohol can be a disciplinary or even sacking on a Monday morning!

The other thing you need to realise is that sometimes you may capture things in a photograph that some people may not want other people to see. Don’t forget, once something is on the Internet, it is pretty much impossible to get it off there…


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Don’t get so drunk that you end up arguing with your mates and getting into a fight. The high amount of alcohol consumed on a stag night means that friendships could be pushed to the limit on a stag night. You wouldn’t want to lose some of your best mates over some drunken punch up. And, don’t fight with anyone else either. You’re supposed to come back from a stag night with nothing much more than a hangover, not an ABH charge and a court date.

Get a tattoo

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It’s amazing just how alcohol can turn someone who hates tattoos into someone who really wants one so they can bond and remember the stag party forever. The problem is though that once the alcohol wears off and the hangover kicks in, you’ll still have a rubbish tattoo that’s going to be with you for life.

One person we heard of got some very stylish Chinese lettering on their arm that did in fact look great and he was very proud of it, showing it off at every opportunity. However, that pride took a bit of a fall on the day he showed it to a girl he fancies who was studying Mandarin at university. Apparently the lettering said ‘Fat Bastard’ and he wasn’t so keen to show it off after that.

Backing out

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There should be no ducking out on any stag night. If most of the group wants to do shots, then everyone has to do shots. If most of the group want to go lap dancing, then everyone has to go lap dancing. There’s no ducking out on a stag do so if it is the will of the majority, then it is the law that you must do it.

Kill the stag (or injure him)

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Practical jokes are an integral part of stag parties, but just make sure the alcohol levels aren’t such that you think tying him to a train track is a really good idea or taping him to a tree thirty-metres off the ground. Hilarious as these are, they really are a bit dangerous and he does have a wedding to go to and it would be best if he turned up not in a casket or full of bandages. His bride-to-be will KILL YOU if you don’t get him there safe.

Get arrested

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Did you know that some statistics suggest that nearly 15% of men end up being arrested when on a stag night? We’re not quite sure about the validity of this research but it’s worth heeding the warning, because as much fun as a stag night can be, if it ends up with you in a cell and in front of the Magistrates Court in the morning.


Man at a strip club

Look, we all know that most stag nights are going to end up in a lap dancing club or something similar, it’s traditional. But, if you or the stag are tempted to take things a little bit further and cheat, then take a step back and think about it. Will these 5-minutes of pleasure be really worth it? If it’s you thinking about cheating, then think about your wife/girlfriend’s reaction. If it’s the stag, then you should have stopped him, and the bride is going to kill you.

Follow our top tips for a stag night and you’ll have a great time. Have fun!