Car Insurance Myths: Truth & Fiction And Why You Should Always Double Check Your Policy

We love our cars here at the Man Blog, but one downside to owning a nice car is insurance. Car insurance is just so expensive! Another problem is the fact that there are so many myths about car insurance that are just plain wrong. So, we thought we’d try and sort the truth from the fiction and explode some of the biggest untruths out there.

A private number plate increases your car insurance premiums

car plate
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Incorrect. A private plate has no effect on your car insurance, whatever it says. Make sure you get a good one though, as a poor private registration plate can make you look a bit of a tit.

You don’t have to pay an excess if the accident wasn’t your fault

car collision

Wrong. Your excess is your excess; it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. You may get it back if your insurance company is able to recover all the money back from the other party’s insurer. But if they don’t, you don’t.

No MOT? No insurance


Not always so. This will be the case with many providers, but if you check your policy document you may find it is not the case. However, it’s no excuse not to have one, as you are required by law to have an MOT.

Comprehensive cover lets you drive any car

car insurance

It may do, but usually there are terms and conditions attached to it. What will certainly be the case is that you will only be covered for third party claims when driving another car. That means if you do have an accident, you’ll not only have a very empty bank account, you’ll have a rather irate friend or family member who you borrowed the car from.

Claiming for a smashed windscreen means you lose your no-claims bonus

smashed windscreen

If you are just claiming for a smashed windscreen, then in most cases you should be absolutely fine and you will not lose your no-claims bonus. Depending on the terms of your policy though, you will probably still have to pay the excess agreed with your insurer.

Charging a colleague for petrol money when giving them a lift to work invalidates your insurance

Giving colleague a ride to work

Most policies should cover commuting (always check though) and there is nothing wrong with charging your colleague petrol money so long as you ensure that you are not making a profit out of it. If your colleague tries to say anything different, they are just being tight and trying to get away with not paying you any money.

You have to pay more if you have points on your licence

speed trap
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OK, if you’ve been caught speeding multiple times, yes, of course you’re going to be paying more; it makes sense doesn’t it? However, if you have just three points on your licence, you shouldn’t have to pay more. In recent years, with the amount of speed traps there are, millions of people have three points so it made financial sense for most insurance companies not to charge them extra. Always shop around!

If your car gets broken into, anything that gets stolen is insured

thieving a car

You’d think so wouldn’t you? But it’s not always the case. If you check your policy document, you’ll probably find that there’s an upper limit for claims of about £100 – £150. So, if you’ve had your laptop, DSLR camera or iPhone stolen, you’re going to be seriously out pocket. Whenever you have expensive items in the car, take them with you or lock them in the boot where they cannot be seen by passing thieves.