Does She Love You? The Signs That Say She Does

You’re crazy about her and you just can’t stop thinking about her. You love her. But does she feel the same about you? No matter how strong your feelings are for her and no matter how good the chemistry seems it’s amazing how quickly a relationship can die out if other qualities and feelings aren’t present.

So, no matter how physically attracted you are to each other, it doesn’t mean that you love each other. Here are some signs you need to look out for to tell if your woman really does love you and it’s a love that is going to last…

Communication is open and honest

Woman talking to man

Does she call or text you often? Is she interested in what you are doing, what you’ve done and what you have planned for the evening and weekend? We’re not talking someone who’s insanely possessive and needs to know where you are every second of the day. No, we’re talking about someone who is genuinely interested in what you do and is open, honest and forthcoming in her communication with you.

She gives you her time

Portrait of a happy couple

If your girlfriend is forever letting you down and saying she needs her own space, then you may have an issue. If, however, she genuinely makes time to see you then your relationship is in a good place and particularly so if during your time together, she’s not constantly on her phone and ignoring you.

Consistency of message

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Is there a consistency in your relationship with your loved one? Are the messages that you are getting from her consistent and not conflicting? If you’re finding that she’s saying she loves you unconditionally one minute but also saying things like “I’m not sure if I still have feelings for my ex” then your relationship is in trouble. There’s nothing wrong with being honest but if you’re continually getting mixed messages, then it is pretty clear that your relationship isn’t built upon the strongest of foundations. Love is many things and one of them is consistent, remember that.

Family and friends

Woman introduces boyfriend to parents

Have you met her family and her friends? Have you been round to meet her parents or been out for drinks with her friends? If you haven’t, have you asked yourself why not? When you meet them and they already know lots about you then it is a really good sign because she’s obviously been chatting a lot about you.


Man & woman on holiday together

We all like to think ahead and plan for the future. When your girlfriend does this, does she automatically include you in these plans? When she talks about places she’s like to visit and things she’s like to see, does she automatically use the word ‘we’? She may even mention marriage and children, just as a way of gauging your reaction! Seriously though, unconscious little signals like using ‘we’ when talking about the future are strong signals that she sees you as a big part of her future.


Woman talking up man

Is she proud of you? Does she talk about you glowingly in front of her friends? If you have your own business or service, does she recommend your services to people she knows? Affirming in public that she is proud of you and what you do is a fantastic sign of someone who is in love with you.


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What sort of gifts does she buy you? If she just gets you lazy gifts like vouchers or pays for a meal out, it could be a sign that she isn’t in it for the long term. But if she buys you really thoughtful gifts that you didn’t even know you wanted, then it shows that she pays attention to you and what your likes and dislikes are which is always a good sign. These don’t have to be expensive, they just need to be well thought out and bought with love.


couple holding hands

We’re not talking sex, but more innocent touching, holding hands and being comfortable in each others company. Some women are very touchy feely and show their love in a very obvious way, others are more reserved, laid back and subtle. Whichever type your girlfriend is, are you completely relaxed when in close proximity to each other? If not, it may indicate that she’s not into you as much as you first thought.


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Does she help you out? Does she put herself out sometimes just to make your life easier? Does she do those little things for you but doesn’t make a big deal about it and expect thanks? Sometimes it’s the simplest things that matter most, like cooking your favourite meal when you’re feeling a bit down or drawing you a bath when you’ve had a real rough day at work.

If you can say yes to the majority of these points, then you may just have found ‘the one’. If not, don’t despair, maybe she is ‘the one’ and your relationship just needs time to develop, or maybe that special one is just waiting for you to find her.