How To Be Irresistible To Women (Or At Least Give It Your Best Shot)

If you’re devastatingly good looking with chiselled features and a set of abs that women fawn over then of course you’re going to attract women. But for the rest of us, we’ve got our work cut out for ourselves. Here’s some suggestions on how you can be irresistible to women. Don’t complain to us when you’re having to fight them off with a big stick!

Tell jokes

Funny man

Being funny doesn’t just make you fun to be around, but it also is a sign of great intelligence. If you’re not afraid to laugh at yourself, that’s even better, because if you’re just putting others down with your jokes then that’s not going to cut it.

Show affection

couple at sunset

We’re not talking sex or a quick grope down a back alley. We’re talking about the little things, such as holding hands and an arm around the shoulder. These small things speak volumes to women and can be a real secret weapon in pulling the woman of your dreams.

Wear a good cologne

Couple in love

There is nothing more off putting to a woman than a man whose hygiene is lacking. A clean fresh smell topped off with a touch of fine aftershave will see women going wild over you. Don’t overdo it on the aftershave front though, that can be off putting too.

Dress well

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Whatever your style is, do it well. You may be smooth and sophisticated, laid back or a burly biker, but whatever your look, make sure you look good at all times and are wearing good quality clothes that go together.


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You don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you should keep yourself trim by visiting the gym at least a couple of times a week. If you can’t take care of yourself, how the hell are you going to take care of a woman? With exercise comes endorphins and hormones that will also leave you feeling good, which will keep you energised and help you come across as confident.

Be charismatic like Jack

Jack Nicholson
Tinseltown /

You either have this or you don’t, but if you do and you’re not making the most of it then you are a fool. Mention Jack Nicholson to most women and they’ll say that there is just something about him that makes him sexy, despite him not being the best looking man in the world and also getting on in age. When Jack walks into a room people are immediately drawn to him. If you can cultivate this, you are onto a winner.

Master the wink

man winking

Master the wink and women will find it seriously sexy. Do it without mastering it and you’ll come across as creepy. A well-timed wink across a bar can do what a million chat-up lines can’t and will have you talking to that great looking girl immediately.

Be passionate

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Women don’t want lazy, unfocused men. They want men who are passionate. So whether you are passionate about your career, a charity project or even a hobby, it can be a very impressive characteristic and shows that you are a driven and interesting individual.