How to Cancel a PureGym Membership

Whether due to injury, lack of interest, finding a better or cheaper alternative, or moving house, there are many reasons why you might want to cancel a gym subscription. How gyms process cancellations does vary a great deal. Some may try and persuade you to stay with some tried-and-tested sales tactics while others take a much more laid-back approach. Fortunately, PureGym has opted for the latter, so you will not face any huge pressure if you decide you want to stop going.

Not only this but PureGym has made the cancellation process simple, rather than forcing you to click through endless pages or fill out several forms, or even call them up. To find out how it works, and if quitting is the right option for you, keep reading this short guide.

Cancelling Your PureGym Membership: Step by Step

  1. Pure Gym logoLog in to the Member’s Area on the PureGym website. For this, you will need your registered email address and the PIN you use to enter the gym.
  2. Select ‘Manage’ in the ‘Your Gym Pass’ section and select the option for ‘Freeze or Cancel Your Membership’.
  3. From here, simply follow the instructions for a full cancellation rather than a freeze (discussed later). This usually involves just a couple of clicks.

Can I Cancel My Membership at Any Time?

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Yes, users on a rolling monthly contract are free to cancel their accounts whenever they like. Just be aware though that you must cancel your membership at least five working days before your next payment date to avoid being charged for an additional month. If your next payment is due in less than five working days, you may be charged for the following month. In either case, you will retain access to the gym until the day before your next payment would have been due as you will have already paid for this time.

A small minority of PureGym customers may be on a fixed-term contract rather than a rolling-monthly deal as is the standard. If this is the case for you, cancellation is still possible at any time and you will get a refund totalling 50% of the pro rata amount for any unused membership.

Cancelling Within the First 14 Days

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If you are new to PureGym but have had a quick change of heart then a refund, regardless of contract type, is available within the first 14 days. Thanks to the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, customers have a 14-day cooling off period should they change their mind. During this time, you can cancel for whatever reason you like and get all the money you have paid back provided your membership has not already begun. If your membership has begun as you chose an immediate start date, you can still get a refund but minus the portion of the membership you have already used.

Freezing Your Membership

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Before you go ahead and cancel your PureGym membership, it is worth considering if a freeze is a better option. As a Core member, freezing your membership will cost £6.99 a month while Plus members can freeze their contracts for up to three months for no additional fee. For lengthier freezes than this (during a 12-month period), Plus members will need to pay the £6.99 monthly fee. Any freeze applies from the payment date on your account, so requests should always be made at least five working days in advance.

Freezing your membership can be a more cost-effective approach if you plan on returning to PureGym at a later date. If, for example, you suffered an injury and will be out for a month, paying £6.99 is likely better than cancelling your membership and rejoining, as often there is a (re)joining fee.

The most common joining fee at PureGym is £10 although they can go as high as £20 or even £25, so the value of freezing depends on your location and how long you expect to be away. There are many gyms which have zero joining fees, so for these you will be better off cancelling and returning when fit again.

Switching Your PureGym Membership

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If you are looking to cancel your PureGym membership because you are moving to a new area, do not be so quick to pull the trigger. PureGym has well over 300 gyms across the UK so there is a decent chance you will have one nearby after your relocation.

If this is the case, they allow users to simply change their home gym providing they are on a rolling monthly contract. To do this, just log in to the Member’s Area of the website, click ‘Your Gym’ and select a different option. Fixed terms membership cannot be transferred.

If your ‘new’ PureGym charges the same monthly fee, there will be no difference to your usual bill. If however, they charge a different amount, PureGym will adjust the first payment accordingly. After this, you will then just pay the standard monthly rate for the new gym.

How to Rejoin PureGym

Reactivate Pure GymNo matter what your reason for cancelling your PureGym membership is, you are welcome to return at any time. To do this, you can use your former PIN and email address to log in to the Member’s Area. From here you can select which gym you want and sort out the payment.

The benefit of rejoining via your old account is that you do not require another email address, plus you will retain the same PIN as before. Starting a brand new account, unconnected from the old one, will require a new email address and will produce a brand new eight-digit PIN.