How to Cancel a Paramount Plus Subscription (Including on Roku, Apple & Amazon Prime)

Paramount+ is one of the most popular streaming services in the UK, offering a plethora of great movies and TV shows. The subscription service is also available on several devices, including Sky Q, Apple TV, Google TV, and various other smart TV platforms.

Excellent though many find the service, there are of course a range of reasons why one might want to cancel it. Thankfully, compared to some other subscription services, cancelling your membership is a breeze. Here you can find out how to cancel your subscription, how to update your billing information, and what you can expect when signing up to the Paramount+ service.

Joining Paramount Plus

Paramount+ logoJoining Paramount+ is easy. If you are a Sky TV customer in the UK with a Sky Cinema subscription, you can the service completely free. You can add Paramount+ to Sky by going to My Sky or saying “Get Paramount Plus” into your voice remote. The steps are simple from there.

Paramount+ is also available on just about every other platform you can think of. You can download the app on Apple TV, Google TV, and Roku TV. It is also available on most smart TV platforms, including LG, Samsung, and Sony televisions. In addition, the app is available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well.

You can sign up for the service via the official website. Creating an account is easy, and you can start watching instantly. A seven-day free trial is available before a monthly charge is applied.

What Does Paramount+ Offer?

Paramount+ offers a whole host of excellent movies and TV shows. Glancing at the movies available right now (summer 2023), you have access to blockbuster hits like Top Gun: Maverick, Mission: Impossible, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Paramount has an incredible backlog of movies too and several exciting projects on the horizon.

Lovers of TV shows are also covered. You can watch South Park, Yellowstone, Fraser, Blue Bloods, Geordie Shore, and a whole host of award-winning shows. Paramount+ also has exclusive shows, such as Halo and Why Women Kill.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

How to cancel Paramount+

Of course, sometimes we need to take a break or cancel streaming subscriptions altogether. Whether you have “completed” Paramount+ (unlikely), are looking to cut back on your outgoings, or are going away for an extended period, cancelling Paramount+ is just as easy as signing up. The exact method will vary according to how got your subscription in the first place.

Although you cannot pause your membership, you can re-subscribe to Paramount+ at any time. Your login details will remain active, so just log in and reactivate your account. You can also update your billing information. This can be done in the account settings.

Cancelling on the Paramount Plus Website

If you’re signed up via the main website, it’s as simple as:

  1. Head over to the Paramount+ website
  2. Log in to your Paramount+ account
  3. Click on your profile picture at the top and select account
  4. Hit the subscription section
  5. Click on “Cancel Subscription”
  6. Follow the steps to complete cancellation

If you are signed up to Paramount+ via another platform – such as a Google TV addon, Amazon Prime, Roku or the app store then you’ll instead need to cancel via the platform itself. We’ll cover each of these in turn in the next section.

Cancelling on Other Platforms

For subscriptions anywhere other than the Paramount Plus website, you’ll need to manage the subscription via the specific service you used. The method for this varies by platform:

Google Play, Android Phone or Android Tablet

For google play (including Google TV), you can cancel your subscription in the Google Play Store. To do that, just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your PC, mobile, or tablet device
  2. Hit the menu and then substitutions
  3. Choose Paramount+ from your subscriptions list
  4. Click “Cancel Subscription”
  5. Follow the steps to complete cancellation

iOS (iPhone or iPad)

If you’ve signed up via an iPad or iPhone you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Open settings (you can quickly find it by swiping down and searching “Settings”)
  2. Click your name
  3. Click “Subscriptions”
  4. Click “Paramount+”
  5. Click “Cancel Subscription”

Apple TV

Apple TV has a similar, but slightly different method to the iOS subscriptions:

  1. Open settings
  2. Click “Users & Accounts”
  3. Click your name
  4. Select “Subscriptions”
  5. Click “Paramount+”
  6. Click “Cancel Subscription”

Fire TV or Amazon Prime Video

For Amazon related subscriptions, you’ll need to cancel via the Amazon website.

  1. Visit your amazon account
  2. Go to “Memberships & Subscriptions”
  3. Click “Manage Your Prime Video Channels”
  4. Find the entry for “Paramount+”
  5. Select “Cancel Channel”


On Roku you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, select the Paramount+ Channel
  2. Press * on the Roku Remote
  3. Select “Manage Subscription”
  4. Choose “Cancel Subscription”

How Does Paramount+ Stack Up Against the Competition?

Paramount+ is not the only streaming service in the UK that offers excellent value for money. Please note that the prices mentioned below are accurate at the time of writing (summer 2023).


Netflix logoNetflix is arguably the biggest, best and most well-known streaming service around these days, though it is more expensive than the opposition. Netflix’s premium service, which offers Ultra HD, costs a not insubstantial £15.99 per month. However, Netflix can be cheaper if you have Sky. The streaming giant has some of the best originals, and there are hundreds of huge films to choose from.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime logoAmazon Prime has a unique service. Members of Amazon’s Prime delivery get Prime Video free of charge. There is an excellent movie selection available on Prime, with new blockbuster titles added every week. With the superb delivery service to boot, Prime Video is certainly great value for money – especially if you love to shop!

Apple TV

Apple TV logoApple TV is Apple’s premium streaming service. Apple has some competitive pricing, including a Student Plan. Apple TV is £6.99 a month after a free trial, though viewers have to pay for non-exclusive Apple titles. However, some Apple originals are worth the admission fee alone, with Ted Lasso among the top shows on the service.


Disney+ logoDisney+ also offers an outstanding streaming service. If you are a fan of Marvel movies or Disney movies in general, Disney+ will be right up your street. Alongside Pixar and Star Wars titles, you will find great Disney-published hits, such as Die Hard, Braveheart, X-Men, and Murder on the Orient Express. You can get Disney+ for as little as £7.99 a month.


Discovery+ logoLast but not least, Discovery+ is growing in popularity. Discovery+ is available free of charge for all Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers. For those without Sky, Discovery+ is available for the small price of £3.99. However, if you want the Discovery+ Entertainment & Sports Pass, that will set you back £6.99 per month.