How to Cancel TNT Sports (Formerly BT Sports)

In the summer of 2023, BT Sports officially rebranded itself to TNT Sports, giving itself a fresh new look just before its 10th birthday. TNT Sports is now a joint venture between BT and Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) and the details of the arrangement are rather complex. In terms of business structure and finances, it is believed that WBD paid BT around £600m to form the partnership, and there are various staffing and location changes.

Thankfully, as far as users are concerned not all that much has changed, although all joint-venture content is now available via Discovery+ and some former BT customers may now have access to a wider range of streaming services. Thankfully, however, the news of the name change was not twinned with a price hike announcement. That said, it still remains a fairly expensive subscription, even for the most basic packages.

For anyone looking to cut their bills or simply lacking time to watch sports on TV, cancelling your TNT Sports subscription can make for a sensible option. Although cancelling itself is not too tricky, the exact method differs depending on how you subscribed. In this guide, we will take you through all the most common routes.

Cancelling TNT Sports as a BT Customer

BT logoMany TNT Spots subscribers are BT customers as it is through BT where you can get some exclusive deals. At the time of writing, they were offering all 4 TNT sports channels, Europort (which will rebrand as TNT in 2026 it is thought) and Discovery+ Premium for £20 on a rolling one-month contract. If you are on this deal, or similar, cancelling your subscription is very straightforward.

  1. Log in to your MyBT account
  2. Find discovery+ Premium (incl. TNT Sports)
  3. Choose ‘Cancel Subscription’
  4. Confirm your decision if prompted

That is all there is to it. As it is just a rolling one-month subscription, it is as simple as cancelling a streaming service or similar. You will retain access to the TNT channels for the remainder of your billing period, rather than losing access immediately. Just remember that should cancel at least one full day before the billing date to ensure you are not charged for an additional month.

If you are a BT customer that signed up for a long-term TNT Sports package (usually tied in with BT broadband) then the process is not quite simple. Should you wish to leave BT entirely or simply drop the TNT Sports package, you are required to give BT 30 days’ notice, and also pay an early termination fee. The fee itself will depend on your monthly charge and how long is left on the contract. Often this will be hundreds of pounds and due to this many people prefer just to let the contract run out rather than cancel.

Cancelling TNT Sports as a Discovery+ Premium Customer

Discovery+ logoCustomers wanting TNT Sports no longer need a TV or BT broadband. Instead, they can subscribe to Discovery+ Premium and watch it on their app or via the web player. You can still access this service on a Smart TV but it opens the door for people who wish to watch on other devices, whether it be a laptop, mobile or tablet.

The precise cancellation steps will depend on where you purchase your subscription from, whether BT, Discovery+ website directly or somewhere else. However, effectively you just need to log in and cancel it from within. As with any cancellation, you should do this at least one day before your next payment is taken.

Cancelling TNT Sports as Sky Customer

SKY logoNaturally, Sky are keen to promote their own sports channels to prospective and current customers but you can also access TNT through them. With Sky, TNT Sports is considered an ‘add on’ to their standard deals, much in the same way that you can add Sky Cinema or Sky Kids. If you sign up on a flexible rolling contract, you can cancel easily but you will need to contact Sky either by their messaging system (Mon to Sun 9:00 to 19:30) or by phone.

Any downgrade to your package has to go through this process as Sky do not let customers simply cancel part of their package online themselves. This is largely a move to try and persuade some people to change their mind, possibly by giving them a discounted deal.

Cancelling TNT Sports as an EE customer

EE logoBroadband supplier and mobile network EE is another place where people can get their TNT sports from. As with Sky, they typically offer it as a rolling monthly add-on you can remove at any time without an early termination fee. To do this, all you need to do is to text STOP SPORT to 150. The process is as simple as that. You should receive a confirmation text shortly afterwards confirming that your subscription will stop at the end of your billing period.

Cancelling TNT Sports as a NOW TV Customer

NOW TV logoCurrently, you can only subscribe to TNT Sports via NOW TV if you live in Ireland rather than the UK. The package available to Irish customers works just like their Entertainment and Cinema packages where you pay a monthly fee, which you can cancel for free at any time.

  1. Log in to your Now TV Account
  2. Click ‘My Passes’
  3. Click ‘Cancel’ for the TNT Sports package; Doing this will not impact any other NOW TV Packages you have
  4. Skip through the screens after until you reach the final page that confirms your cancellation

Although NOW TV do let you cancel plans online, they do usually include an unnecessary amount of pages you have to go through before actually getting it done. This includes things such as why are you cancelling and what you will be missing out on. It is also possible they will give you a special deal so if you are looking to cut costs so this can be worth doing.

In addition, with any of these methods of subscribing to TNT, and indeed any subscription, it is always worth trying to negotiate. Rather than cancelling your TNT subscription it may be worth contacting whoever provides it for you and explaining that you can no longer afford the subscription. TNT remains relatively new and so we don’t know how flexible they will be just yet but it is always worth a try – at the very least you might be able to wangle a few free or discounted months on a longer-term contract.