How To Make Your Place More ‘Female Friendly’

So you’ve been out a few times with your new lady and you’re starting to think that it’s time to invite her over to your place for dinner. Letting her see where you live is a big step in any relationship, because where you live, and more importantly how you live, expose a previously hidden side to you. It is crucial, therefore, that you ensure your home portrays you in the very best light. It will take more than a tidy-up and takeaway though. You’re really going to have to make your place female friendly. Here are our suggestions:

Tidy up

Man mopping the floors

You might be happy festering in your living room surrounded by a weeks worth of takeaway containers, empty cans of lager, and piles of clothing scattered everywhere, but she’s not going to take kindly to this kind of environment. Tidy and de-clutter everywhere. A tidy house says a tidy mind, and you don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable on her first visit do you? It’s not the best start if she sits down on some three-day-old Chicken Tikka Masala is it?

Get yourself a hair dryer

Hair Dryer

Your head might be shaved but get yourself a hair dryer. If she stays over, she’ll be so glad of it in the morning. If she asks why you have a hairdryer when you have no hair, simply say it’s from when you did. We’ve read other articles that suggest you get some other female items in to make them feel at home, such as some make-up and even sanitary towels and tampons. But that would just be creepy wouldn’t it?

Get some extra toothbrushes


If things go well, she might stay over – lucky you! But there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and not being able to brush your teeth because you’ve not brought your toothbrush. But simply pulling out a spare new toothbrush is going to look a bit like you have a stream of women staying over all the time, and isn’t really going to paint you in the best light. Be subtle, and place them in a bag and tell that you always keep a couple of new toothbrushes, as you have to work away occasionally. She’s bound to buy that and will be glad of the opportunity to clean her teeth.

Clean towels

Fluffy white towels

You might be happy using the same towel all week, but you can bet your bottom dollar that your new woman won’t. Invest in some luxurious white fluffy towels, she’ll love these, and like you a lot better.


Drink selection

You might exist solely off Stella Artois when you’re at home but that doesn’t mean everyone else does. Get some good quality tea and coffee in, as there is nothing more unwelcoming than going to someone’s house and they don’t have your favourite beverage. Don’t forget sugar too. You might be having wine with your meal, so invest in some good quality bottles. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, but spend at least a fiver, and don’t forget to get red and white if you’re not sure what she likes.



It’s one of the great mysteries of life, but women love cushions and soft furnishings. If your sofas are lacking cushions, get yourself some now. As long as they are colour coordinated and there are lots of them, she will be really impressed. If she decides to stay over, ensure you have lots of pillows too, as you can never have enough.

Show off a bit


If you’ve achieved some things in your life, then don’t be shy of showing them off. If you’ve got some sporting trophies, then display them, and if you’ve got a degree, you should definitely be displaying this. The right combination of brains and brawn on display can help make you irresistible to your new woman.

Change your bedding


Even if you don’t think she’ll be staying over, CHANGE YOUR BEDDING! She will be straight out of the door if confronted with soiled, smelly bed sheets. You might class Febreezing your sheets as cleaning them but that’s simply not good enough. Clean them, or even better buy new ones. There really is nothing better than crisp, clean bedding.

Get rid of anything to do with the ex

Couple photo collage

If you’ve still got anything in your house that belonged to your ex girlfriend, a picture of her, or even something that reminds you of her, get rid of it now. Pictures are a big no-no and she’ll immediately think that you’re not over her (even if you are), feeling she has to live up to what you had with her. Chances are she’s not going to hang around long, so wipe away any and all memories of that ex and get your new relationship off to a sound start.

Pictures of friends and family

Photo of friends

Having pictures of your friends and family around always make a good impression. Lots of friends show that you are friendly, warm and popular, whilst family pictures imply a strong bond with your family, which is a good thing. Just don’t have lots of pictures of your mum everywhere; she’s just going to think that you’re a mummy’s boy who is never going to be free from his mother’s apron strings.

Get some plants

Apartment plant

Some really nice plants in your place will really go down well with most women. It shows that you have a gentler, caring and nurturing side to your personality. Don’t be tempted to show this side of you by suddenly getting a pet. Nobody hates plants, but some people hate animals or may even be allergic to them, so don’t bother.

If you follow the tips above, you’ll have a fabulously female friendly apartment that will hopefully seriously impress your new lady. But if she doesn’t like it, then don’t worry; she probably wasn’t the right one for you anyway.