How to Pull at Work (and Make it into a Long Term Relationship)

Like it or not, work is one of the best places to pull and meet your long-term future. Where else are you in the presence of beautiful women all day long who actually speak to you? At work, there’s no awkwardness of having to walk up and introduce who you are, as you’re halfway there already.

But that doesn’t mean pulling at work is easy or without its dangers. Do the wrong thing and you don’t just risk not pulling the girl of your dreams, but you could risk months of humiliating piss-taking from your colleagues and, if things go really badly, you could even end up with a disciplinary or get sacked. Follow our advice to ensure you successfully pull the girl you want and if things go well, turn it into a lasting long-term relationship…

Be friendly

Couple in coffeeshop with laptop and mobile

You don’t want to jump in both feet first and ask her out straight away. Chances are, if she doesn’t know you well she’ll say no. Simply start with a passing smile and a friendly chat at the office water cooler whilst remembering you’re playing the long game.

However, don’t be too nice. There is nothing more crushing to any man in the workplace who fancies their co-worker than to be told that they are their ‘work husband’. Basically you get all the boring bits of the relationship without any of the good ones (i.e. sex) and all your workmates will find it hilarious.


Young woman is flirting with her boss at work

Once you’ve established you’re a friendly kind of guy, to avoid the ‘work husband’ scenario above, you need to start flirting. The initial friendliness means that she has her guard down and because you’re such a friendly guy, what harm could come from a bit of flirting? We’re not talking anything completely over the top, just a bit of light flirty banter, you’ll feel good, she’ll feel good, and you’ll be one step closer to pulling her.

Flirt with other people too

Handsome young man and a cute woman

This is the step that many people forget. If you’re just flirting with her, she has got you exactly where she wants you, like a lap dog on a lead following her around in a really obvious way. The key is to flirt with other women in your office too. Gradually, she may get a little bit jealous about how much attention you are paying other women and this will give you something to work with later.

Set up a situation where you need to meet her out of work

Happy couple training in the park

This is really ramping up your pulling. At this stage, it still might be a little bit early to come out and ask her out, so why not set up a situation where you have to meet her out of work? It needs to be a situation where only a girl will do.

So, that could be help buying a special present for your sister or maybe you’ve been invited to an important dinner party here everyone else will be in a couple. Maybe you’d like a female exercise partner? Just don’t make it a situation that involves your mother. It will just make you seem like a weird, insecure mummy’s boy and there’s nothing as attractive to a woman as that.

Be playful

Businesswoman & man flirting

Remember when you were a kid and you fancied a girl at school and you used to pretend you didn’t like her? And then it would often end up with a bit of a play fight? So, why should it be any different now?

Making the flirting a little bit more physical and punching each other’s arms or deliberately bumping into each other breaks down those physical barriers and before you know it, you’ll be out on a ‘proper’ date.

Don’t talk about work… too much

Drink in the office

The key to dating someone from work is not talking about work. Well, not too much, anyway. Of course, it’s one big thing that you have in common. But don’t overdo it; it’s a date not a business meeting! The other thing to consider is where you eat too.

Maybe have a drive out into the countryside; you don’t want to be disturbed by work colleagues at a local restaurant, which could really spoil things!

Keep it low profile

Business couple holding hands

If the date goes well (or very well!) and you start to see each other, then it’s probably best that you keep a low profile at work. With office gossip as it is, rumours can spread like wildfire, so whilst you are in the early days of your relationship, it’s best just to keep it to yourselves and gradually let the cat out of the bag over time. If you’re really serious about your new relationship, you won’t want anything putting it in jeopardy.

Get another job

Business man 'it's time for a new job'

If you are really really serious about your new relationship at some point it’s probably going to be best if one of you moves jobs if you are working in the same office. Spending so much time with each other can be a really bad idea and can do much damage to a relationship.

The other thing is, it’s going to be really boring when all you have to talk about is work! If a new job elsewhere isn’t possible, then one of you should at least move departments. Then, at least it gives you relationship chance to breathe and give it the best chance of surviving long term.