The 7 Pairs of Shoes Every Man Should Own

Generations of women have been told by their mothers to judge a man by his shoes. And, you know what? They’re right. You cannot be well dressed in cheap, poorly looked after shoes. Traditionally, it was always women who had the large shoe collections, but if you want to be a modern man with style, then it is time you put a lot more consideration into your shoes, and get yourself a few classic types that will mean you have something to wear for every occasion. Here’s our guide to the 7 pairs of shoes every man worth his salt should own.



The brogue is the classic English gentleman’s shoe, and is a timeless classic. Suitable for almost any occasion, they’ll look stylish whether you are wearing chinos, jeans or a suit. You can buy a good pair of brogues in most colours and at almost every shoe shop, but if you really want the best money can buy, then try a pair from Church’s. This traditional English shoemaker makes some of the best and most stylish brogues money can buy and they are worth every penny, as they will last you a long time



The Oxford shoe is a variation of the brogue and is a fantastic shoe for any formal occasion. Oxford’s are sleek, simple and stylish, and this minimal shoe will compliment any suit, from a tuxedo to formal business suit. Like brogues, they’re worth spending a bit of money on because they really will last a long time. For good quality affordable Oxfords, check out ASOS, Topman and Ted Baker, or try John Lobb, Mr Hare and Paul Smith if you’re willing to splash the cash.

Desert Boots

desert boots

From the days of scooter riding mods to the present day, desert boots have never really been out of fashion and are therefore a timeless classic. Casual but with a certain smart charm, they’re an excellent choice for an everyday shoe, both looking good and being a really comfy choice. Jones Bootmakers, Moss Bros and Clarks all sell excellent pairs of desert boots.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots

Want to look smart but with an edgy mod look? Then you need a pair of classic Chelsea boots. They look fantastic with a pair of skinny jeans or more formal trousers. You’ll find yourself wearing them all the time because they don’t only just look good but they are so comfortable to wear. You can get great examples from Clarks, ASOS and Mr Porter if you’re willing to spend a little bit more money.

Running Shoe

Blue sports shoe

If you want to look good, then that means looking after your health and weight. Whether you’re a jogger, gym-goer or general sports enthusiast, a good pair of running shoes will be worth their weight in gold. If you’re planning on pounding a lot of pavements, then go to a specialist running shop where they will assess your running style and get the right shoe to protect your feet. Brands to look out for are the usual suspects, Asics, New Balance, Adidas, Nike from stores such as JD Sports and JJB.

Casual Sneaker

men's casual shoes

As well as a pair of running shoes, you’re going to need a more casual pair of trainers. Designed to have a sporty look but without actually being designed for sport, their entire aim is to look good and feel good. There’s nothing better than a crisp white pair of retro Adidas sneakers, but all the big brands have some fantastic examples.

Lace-Up Boot

Doc Martens
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If you think that lace-up boots are just worn by ramblers and cowboys? Wrong. The work wear revival, started in the 1990s has meant that year by year the number of boots available has multiplied. Whether you’re looking for something to help you scale the peaks of the Lake District or you want something with more of an urban edge, there is a style for you. You can buy lace-up boots from any good shoe retailer, but perhaps the most well known example and a timeless classic is the Dr Martens boot.