The 7 Worst Cars of All Time That Will Fuel Your Laughter

We all have a particular type of car we like. It might be something exciting like a Ferrari or something a little bit more down-to-earth like and Audi A5. But, what are the worst cars ever to grace the streets of Britain? We take a look at the 7 worst cars of all-time.

The Lada Riva

Lada Riva Car
Art Konovalov /

These Russian built cars first appeared in the UK in 1970 and were still on sale up until the late 1990s. Heavy, sluggish and with a completely underwhelming design, these were the Lada Riva’s good points. The butt of many a joke, if you were unlucky enough to have a parent with one, you were the target for merciless bullying whilst at school. Amazingly, you still see some being driven by the elderly today.

The Suzuki X-90

Suzuki X-90
Boyter at the English language Wikipedia

Sometimes it works when manufacturers play with combinations of two types of vehicle. However, in the case of the Suzuki X-90, they went a step too far. A weird mix of sports two seater and 4×4, the X-90 is seriously odd. Totally useless as an offroader and too ugly for anyone wanting to cruise about town in, it was a complete flop when released in the UK.

The FSO Polonez

FSO Polonez
SuperTank17 / Wikipedia

The Poles are famed as an honest, hardworking nation. They are not famed, however, as the builders of great cars. The FSO Polonez, for example, is a truly dreadful car. It is essentially a re-bodied Fiat 125 and if you owned a FSO Polonez, you were your local mechanics best friend, because with this car, if something could go wrong, it undoubtedly did.

The Hyundai Coupé

Hyundai Coupe
Fir0002 / Wikipedia

On the face of it, the Hyundai Coupé looks like a nice car and it is on the outside. A sleek and stylish design hides a woefully underpowered engine though and that means even Nissan Micras are beating you at traffic lights. This is a dreadful car driven by people who have no idea about cars.

Perodua Nippa

Perodua Nippa
Mick / Flickr & Wikipedia

Quite possibly one of the cheapest cars ever sold, the Perodua Nippa is also one of the very worst. Totally uninspiring design, a 0-60 measured in months and coming with almost no equipment whatsoever, the Nippa was produced for a staggering five years. Another cheap and nasty car for people who are absolutely clueless about cars.

Austin Allegro

MHV Austin Allegro
MartinHansV / Wikipedia

There are people in their 30s and 40s who are still in therapy now after having to grow up with their parents owning an Austin Allegro. Representing everything that was bad about the seventies and eighties, they are also the only car ever to feature a square steering wheel. The car features a completely uninspiring design matched with underwhelming and unreliable British engineering and amazingly it sold in its millions and made many a mechanic rich.

The Daewoo (Chrysler) Matiz

Daewoo Matiz
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Designed specifically with old people in mind, no one has ever bought one of these under the age of 60. Slow, underpowered and looking totally rubbish, you could leave a Daewoo Matiz with the keys in, engine running with the windows open in the most dodgiest of areas because you know for certain no-one will ever steal it. A truly dreadful piece of work.