The Essential Items Every Bachelor Pad Must Have

If you’ve got your own place, you owe it to yourself to have a badass bachelor pad. From epic TVs to retro arcade machines, we run down the essentials that your place needs to become the ultimate bachelor pad.

An Epic TV

Man watching football on amazing TV

Whether you’re watching the latest TV on Netflix or playing the latest FIFA release on your PS4, then it deserves to be on a TV that can only be described as epic. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than sitting down in front of the latest box set, so treat yourself to the best TV you can afford.

Splash the cash: If you really want the best money can buy, then the LG 77EC980V is the ultimate in TVs at the moment. A 77-inch curved OLED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV is not by any means cheap, but it will have your mates drooling. A truly epic TV.

Budget option: It’s not quite as epic as the LG, but the Sony Bravia KD49X8505B is a fantastic budget choice and a great way to get yourself a 4k Ultra HD TV. This 49-inch LED TV will be a welcome addition to any bachelor pad.

Pool Table

Group of friends playing pool

If you’ve got the room for a pool table and you haven’t got one already, why the hell not? Imagine the fun you can have with all your mates around for a few beers while you shoot a few frames. A pool table is a stylish addition to any bachelor pad.

Splash the cash: The SAM Atlantic Pool Table is the best pool table currently available in the UK. 7 feet long and with the finest slate playing surface, you can choose from a huge number of custom designs and finishes meaning you can have a truly iconic piece of design in your pad.

Budget option: The Strikeworth Pro may not have a slate bed, but it’s an amazing pool table to play on and is a stylish addition to any bachelor pad. At just £349.00, it’s a real bargain.

Retro Arcade Machines

retro gaming machine

The PS4 and XBox One may be at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to gaming, but nothing beats the experience of playing a retro arcade game. An uber cool addition to any bachelor pad, you’ll be the envy of all your mates.

Splash the cash: The Sega Daytona Racing Classic is an amazing remake of the genre defining race classic Daytona USA. Now in full HD and in a full dual cabinet complete with steering wheel, pedals and gear stick, your mates will never want to go home.

Budget option: If you can’t afford a full retro arcade console, all is not lost. Why not keep with the retro theme and get yourself some retro consoles and games from Ebay? From the original NES and Sega Master System to more recent consoles such as the GameCube, you can have some real pieces of gaming history and still have change from £100.

Poker table

vintage poker table

There’s nothing better than inviting a few mates round and playing a few rounds of poker, but it’s hardly Paul Newman in The Hustler if you’re doing it on a kitchen table. What you need is a dedicated poker table.

Splash the cash: Custom-made is the way to go if you’ve got the money to do so. McPoker Tables are a vibrant young company that produce the finest handmade tables from their workshop in Scotland. As they’re custom made, the price is dependent upon what you want!

Budget option: If you’re limited in terms of cash and space, the Sportshak Premium Compact Poker Table is perfect. With folding legs and room for eight players, it is a real steal.

An iconic chair

man sitting in leather chair with cigar

There’s no better addition to a bachelor pad than an iconic chair. Every place needs one. Stylish, elegant and comfy, you need something that will ‘wow’ your visitors.

Splash the Cash: Firebox’s Villain Chair will have everyone talking. Handmade from steel, chrome and leather, you can be your own Bond villain as you swivel ‘round to welcome your visitors. White cats sold separately.

Budget buy: This high backed gaming bean bag with matching footstool is a real eye-turner and at just under £40 is a real bargain too. Water resistant and ideal for relaxing back on the Playstation, it’s the ideal budget buy for your bachelor pad.

Table Football

foosball table

If you’ve ever watched Friends then you’ll know just how much Chandler and Joey loved their foosball table. They’re a brilliant addition to any bachelor pad and a great way of spending time with your mates downing a few cold beers.

Splash the cash: Liberty Games’ Blackball Blacklight football table is the very best table football table that money can buy. With a stunning design with seductive curves, it comes in a range of colours and options will have all your mates green with envy.

Budget option:’s Mightymast Lunar football table is a great price, looks great, and is really easy to assemble. At this price, we’re surprised more people don’t have one!