The Lazy Mans Guide To Buying Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Buying gifts is not something us blokes are any good at. It’s in our nature to go to the petrol station the night before the deadline, rather than spend time and effort buying a gift for our significant other. Because of these scientific facts, we’ve concocted a lazy man’s guide to buying a great gift for your partner, without having it thrown back in your face or them asking for the receipt. Check these handy tips out.


Why leave your couch when buying a present? This is a website where you answer basic questions about the person you’re buying for and it generates possible gift ideas. It takes into account the occasion and their personality too. Should a suitable gift pop up, you can buy it then and there online and have it delivered. 4 or 5 clicks and you’re on your way! You’ve bought the perfect present and you’re still dressed in just your pants!

Ask Yahoo or Reddit

Again, lets not bother leaving the couch. There are places online where you ask a question, and there will be people online waiting to give you advice on it. Yahoo tends to have more of a female crowd than Reddit, but there’s no harm in asking both sites. Don’t admit that you’re a lazy man; say you really love her and want to make this Christmas/birthday special. The best thing about this is you can submit your question, come back in an hour, and you may already have the perfect gift suggested for you. Oh, my, how the Internet has enriched our lives!

Stalk her Facebook profile

Still determined not leave your comfy couch? Most girls splurge out every thought in their heads onto their Facebook profile. Here you’ve got an endless database of all her loves and hates. Have a look through her recent activity. See if she liked a certain page and this might just lead to your gift idea. She probably isn’t sure what she’s told you and what she’s blathered about on Facebook, so say you remember her talking to you about it. She’ll have and ace gift and she’ll think you actually listened to her.

Get her something to do with your first date/early memories

If you can remember your first date, or how you first met, try to base the idea around that. Obviously, if you were just two drunks snogging in a nightclub, this should be avoided. But if it was a romantic occasion, or something memorable happened, bring it up again. You remember you both shared a certain bottle of wine and this was the moment you decided you wanted to share many more bottles. You saw a certain flower that day, so you bought her those flowers, and one for every year you’ve both been together. Take her back to where you first met and to try to explain to her that the magic hasn’t gone. Something cheesy like that is bound to go down well.

Get her something to do with her childhood

If you don’t know anything she liked as a child, look through her Facebook likes again. Anything from the decade she was born through to her teen years will show a strong emotional connection. If she’s someone that does #ThrowbackThursday on Twitter, chances are she has shared some childhood memories on social media already. If there’s something she’s still reminiscing about from years of old today, exploit that soft spot for your gift.

Once you’ve found something she enjoyed as a child, get a limited edition or special copy on Ebay (make sure you check that it’s legit) and buy it for her.

Remember the hints

You have been listening to approximately 65% of what she’s been saying and understood even less. But there must have been some hints given by her that must stand out. Even if it’s something very vague that she mentioned, you can at least say ‘I remember you talking about it’, which will at least show you put some amount of thought into it. If you hear a hint, write it down into your phone, lest you forget it.

Ask her friends

If you are Facebook friends with any of her gal-pals, drop one of them a message. Like your question on Reddit or Yahoo, you don’t need to mention that you’re a lazy man, but say you want to buy her something special and need some extra help. She’ll think it’s adorable and could possibly give you more brownie points when they gossip about you. The beauty of this again is that you can just send it off, come back later and see what has been written. The trick is when she gives you an idea; say that you were thinking about than anyway and needed to be sure. This will undoubtedly be talked about and you need to cover your tracks!

Discover her hidden passion

Does she have a career she has always wanted to do? Singing? Dancing? Painting? Photography? If she does, you will hit on a great soft spot for a gift. Chances are there’s something she loves doing but never gets the time to do. If she gave up painting a few years ago, buy her a full paint set and evening classes. Say you believe in her and don’t want her to give up. Again, just stalk her Facebook profile to see what groups/societies she joined in college and go from there. The beauty of this is you will actually be able to get rid of her some evenings, as well. Win win!

Visit the Jewellery Store

Okay, you may have to leave the couch if you haven’t gotten anything yet. You may not know what jewellery suits her, but chances are that the jeweller will. Bring your phone and show them a photo of her. Remember diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so it would be very difficult to go wrong if you spend big and ask the jeweller what suits. These presents go well because you either spend a lot of money, put a lot of thought of it or a combination of both. You’re lack of thought might have to be compensated with expensive jewellery.

Happy girlfriend, happy life.