The Top 10 Best Jobs For Picking Up Women

Like it or not, everyone woman is going to judge you by what you do for a living (except for maybe your Mum). It’s an inside to your social status, what type of person you are, and, of course, how much money is in your wallet.

But, there are certain professions that not only make Mum proud but also impress a whole lot of other females.

Here are our top ten jobs for picking up the ladies.

1. Doctor

Young, friendly Doctor

When George Clooney played Doug Ross in ER, women swooned over him. Not only was he George Clooney, but he was a freakin’ doctor too. By definition this person saves lives everyday. You’re like Superman, who although cannot fly still, has a great wage packet and did very well at school. Women want protection too, and with you, they’ll always be in safe hands.

Do say: “It’s rewarding to save so many lives”
Don’t say: “You won’t believe how many prostates I checked today. Smell my finger…”

2. Celebrity


Russell Brand once described fame as a Willy Wonka golden ticket to the pussy factory. The fact that people know who you are is an immediate conversation starter, and people will immediately want to surround themselves around you.

Being in the spotlight means that you might be called a ‘muppet’ by yobs you don’t know shouting across the street, but you will also have women wanting to sleep with you in order to boast about it later.

You have to take the rough with the smooth in order to play the fame game.

Do say: “The best part of my job is being an inspiration to so many fans”
Don’t say: “Shall I sign your boobs?”

3. Lawyer


Becoming a lawyer gives you power, prestige, and you won’t be short of a few quid either. A good lawyer shouldn’t have trouble picking up women, as their day job is to persuade and manipulate people.

People have mixed views on lawyers from popular culture: you could be the Matthew Mcconaughey in Time To Kill, trying to defend an innocent man, or you could be the Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, and now, Better Call Saul, who help the people who deliberately fall over in McDonalds in order to make a few bucks from a lawsuit. When talking with the ladies though, you should probably emphasize that you’re the former.

Do say: “Justice must be served”
Don’t say: “Touch me and I’ll sue…”

4. Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are risk takers, and women will be impressed by the guile and guts it takes to set up your own business. Even the word ‘entrepreneur’ smells of success, so even if you’re selling strawberries on the side of a road, you’re still an ‘entrepreneur’. You’re your own boss, and this will stand you well.

Do say: “You need ambition to survive on your own in the business world”
Don’t say: “Soon I’ll have enough money to move out of my parents’ house”

5. Musician

musician guitar

Women love creative types, especially musicians. From the lead singer, right down to the bass player, you can get girls just by virtue of being in a band. You may laugh, but lead singer of Simply Red, Mick Hucknall, was having three girls a day and has thus given hope to gingers everywhere.

Do say: “I just want to share my soul with the world”
Don’t say: “I only play the keyboard”

6. Chef


One of the sexiest traits a man can show a woman is the ability to cook. Women often seem like they’re from another planet, but they love food just the same as us men.

What’s more is that there’s also a close connection between food and sex. If you’re the deliverer of sensual culinary delights, it suggests you are good with your hands and equally as good at other delights too. You could be rubbish in bed for all she knows, but cooking will certainly give the opposite impression.

Do say: “I’ve just made you a three-course dinner with wine pairing”
Don’t say: “Want to taste my mayonnaise?”

7. Soldier

young soldier

It’s hard to think of anything more traditionally manly than a soldier at war. The ladies love danger, and a member of the armed forces faces danger all the time. You’re a hero at home, and there are so many tales based on a solider going off to war; women get caught up in the romance of it all.

You’ll also have a good physique, which is never a bad thing.

Do say: “I’ve looked death straight in the eye”
Don’t say: “Want to touch my gun?”

8. Firefighter

firefighters on the street

Become the archetypal knight in shining armor by becoming a firefighter. This requires you risking your life and going right into the face of a danger.

You take out fires. You rescue kittens lost up a tree. You slide down a pole ready for action – when actually you would probably have saved more time by just being on the bottom floor all day (but that’s much less cool). You’re also extremely buff.

Do say: “If there’s someone in trouble, it’s my job to save them!”
Don’t say: “Erm, we just play cards all day”

9. Vet


Nursing puppies and kittens back to health will definitely win over the hearts of the fairer sex. If you’ve dedicated your life to saving lives, as well as dealing with the gross things that comes along with it, the ladies should be forming an orderly queue.

Do say: “Animals are my passion”
Don’t say: “I’ve put down three dogs today”

10. Pilot

pilots in cockpit

No, it’s not the 70’s where men fly the planes and women sell the peanuts. Things have changed, but there’s still is so much machismo involved in flying a plane. You’re the ultimate alpha male, as hundreds of people inside a tube in the sky are relying on your steely determination to fly them home safely.

Women also like a well-travelled man, and you spend your week travelling to exotic places. You’ll have endless stories of mystery and intrigue. Even if you just travel from Gatwick to Glasgow all day, you can still make it sound awesome.

Do say: “People trust me with their lives on a daily basis”
Don’t say: “Autopilot gives me time to scratch myself”