Warning! The 5 Most Dangerous Types of Women!

The dating world is full of surprises: some great, some not so great. What we want to do is to give you a few warning signs of some of the not-so-great girls of the dating world. You’ll bump into at least one of these, and we want to get you prepared for exactly what you’re dealing with.

1. The Stage 5 Clinger

Clingy Woman

Wedding Crasher fans will know exactly what we’re talking about. For the uninitiated, a stage 5 clinger is someone who wants to know what you’re doing and who you’re with for every second of the day. “Let’s get married and have babies,” she’ll say halfway through your first date. And, if by the 2nd date you haven’t popped the question and started buying baby clothes, she’ll wonder why. Explaining that you want to take things a bit slower creates an even greater kind of crazy.

2. The Drunk

Man holding woman's hair over toilet

If the girl you’re dating likes a few drinks – that’s awesome! If she likes a few drinks too many – that’s a big problem. We’ve seen this girl many times before. She’s nice as pie when sober, but when she has a few too many drinks turns into Little Miss Godzilla. She might say things she shouldn’t say, she might do things she shouldn’t, but she’ll most definitely start crying over nothing.

If she spreads conflict, you’re the boyfriend, so you have to look after her, or may even be held responsible for some of the things she does. The only thing worse than dating this kind, is meeting them again once you’ve broken up with them. Not a nice sight!

3. The Succubus

Controlling girlfriend

A succubus is a girl that sucks all the life out of a man. You won’t even notice a succubus when you see one, but your friends will. Notice yourself cancelling plans with your mates to suit your girlfriend? That could be one of the warning signs, and a good girlfriend should want to be friendly with your pals too.

One of the tell-tale signs is that she says some of your mates are having a bad influence on you. This may, in fact, be true but they’re still nice guys who shouldn’t just be ditched at a whim. If this isn’t spotted early, it could lead to you not getting drunk on a Saturday night, so you can beat the crowds in Ikea the next morning. The horror! The horror!

4. The Gold Digger

Woman shopping

Kanye West says some crazy things, but he’s not wrong about gold-diggers. Some girls are just after the cash, and you have to get out before she drains your bank account dry. Sure, buy her things as you wish, but this shouldn’t be the only thing she wants from you.

If you find yourself with a hole in your bank account just to keep her happy, she ain’t worth it. Having a lot of cash to splash is normally a sign of success and a lot of hard work, so you’ve more to offer than just diamond rings. Down to earth girls deserve you more.

5. The Green-Eyed Monster

Jealous woman

Beware the jealous types, especially when you have close female friends. Remaining friends with an ex is sure to stir some trouble, as she’ll see her as an immediate threat. The thought of two women fighting over you might give you a bit of an ego boost, but things get ugly pretty soon.

Even if you don’t have close female friends, she might find others threats to her being the ‘Queen Bee’. Look at one woman the wrong way, and expect hours of silent treatment. These girls are impossible to tame no matter how hard.