Where To Find The World’s Most Beautiful Women

We all know that British women are beautiful, but there is just something about foreign women that appeal to the masses what with their sophistication, different cultures, and often exotic appearances.

Below we take a look at the countries that produce some of the hottest women on the planet.

Get your passports at the ready, gentlemen!


American Women

Okay, the USA may be the most obese nation in the world, but if you go to certain parts of the US, such as California, you will find Americans ‘totally’ obsessed with diet and fitness, yoga, fruit smoothies, and surfing.

This means that the women here are very focussed on health and fitness, so they look good! Whether natural or fake, the bodies you see in places like Los Angeles and Miami are often flawless, which means the US should be high on your list of places to visit.


Angolan Woman

One of only two sub Saharan countries to have produced a Miss Universe winner, Angola is almost like a production line for international catwalk models, such as Sharam Diniz – one of Victoria Secrets angels. Angola is choc-a-bloc with tall and leggy women, and you should be on the plane over there if you want to meet such a beautiful woman!


Lebanese Woman

Although it is a country that has been war torn for many years, it is an unspoken truth that the Lebanon produces the Middle East’s most beautiful women. Beirut was a popular destination a few years ago after the troubles died down but sadly the shadow of terrorism has reared its ugly head and it is not advised to travel to many parts of the Lebanon including parts of Beirut. This is sad, as there is nothing better than partying with some of the world’s most beautiful women in this historic city.


Ukrainian Woman

Although engulfed in conflict with Russia at the moment, the Ukraine has long since been known as being home to some of the world’s most beautiful women. Stylish, intelligent and independent, Ukrainian women are beautiful inside and out.


Columbian Woman

Women from South America are hot, and none more so than those from Columbia. Proud of their irresistible curvaceous bodies, they work hard to keep their amazing figures and work just as hard to show them off. As seductive temptresses, you’ll find it hard to contain yourself should you ever be lucky enough to go to Bogota.


Woman from Venezuela

Venezuela has the honour of producing more Miss World and Miss Universe winners than any other nation on the planet. Beauty pageants are a national obsession and cosmetic surgery is extremely popular, resulting in some of the most perfect looking women that you will ever see. And, whilst Caracas is a rather ugly city, you won’t notice with all those beautiful women around you.


Swedish Woman

Think of Sweden and you think of beautiful blonde women, which is exactly the case! Swedish women won the first ever two Miss World titles but they’re not just about beauty. Talk to any Swedish woman in Stockholm and you will find that they are sophisticated and well-educated.


Slovakian Woman

If you think about blonde women, most people think of Sweden, but it is actually Slovakia that has the most beautiful blonde women on the planet. Unlike American and Venezuelan women who spend lots of money to try and look as good as possible, it just comes naturally to Slovakian women who are true natural beauties.


Russian Woman

The largest country in the world, it is perhaps not surprising that it produces some of the world’s most beautiful women. From stylish and chic Muscovites to the natural beauties of the far-flung corners of Russia, beautiful women are a part of everyday life in Russia.


Brazilian Woman

Brazilian women are seriously hot. They just sizzle sexiness and look so good! Brazil produces more supermodels than any other nation and this ethnically mixed nation seems to have taken the best bits of each nation and moulded them into the world’s most beautiful women.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on a plane and meet the woman of your dreams!