Where To Meet The Woman Of Your Dreams

Meeting the woman of your dreams is tough. But most of us don’t make it easy on ourselves. We think that they’ll just come along whilst we’re out in a bar in town and the next thing you know we’ll be an item. The fact is that bars are one of the worst places to meet women, and there are far more productive ways to do so. Here are our 15 top places to meet the woman of your dreams…

Coffee shops

Woman in Coffee Shop

It can be a bit of a cliché to chat up a woman in a coffee shop, yes. Dropping a cheesy chat up line over a frothy cappuccino is almost as cliché as chatting up a woman in a bar. Coffee shops can be crowded and many women there are either tapping away on their laptop working or simply escaping the pressures of modern life.

However, a coffee house is a public space that is full of attractive and intelligent women and there aren’t many places like that, so it is time to swallow your pride, put away your fears and approach with caution. If she’s obviously busy working, probably best to hold off but if she looks quite relaxed why not go over and introduce yourself? Offer to buy her a coffee and see where it goes. The worst that can happen is that she’ll say no and you’ll live to sip a latte another day.

Cigarette breaks

Woman Smoking

Smoking isn’t good. It’s smelly and it has devastating effects on your health. However, smoking shelters outside pubs, bars and offices are a perfect place to engage in conversation with women that you fancy but don’t know. Start talking to her as she starts smoking her cigarette and she’s a captive audience for your witty banter for at least 3 minutes, as smokers will not give up their cigarette for anything, no matter how annoying.

If you don’t smoke yourself, it looks pretty damn suspicious if you start hanging about smoking shelters without actually smoking, so try and accompany a smoker friend and that will look so much more natural.

Anywhere you have to queue

People Queuing

We’re British so even if it’s a bit of a stretch to say we love queuing, we are certainly very, very good at it and it’s something we all do at some point during the week. Whether it is a particularly slow queue at the post office or bank, or you are queuing for your lunch at the staff canteen, it’s easy to engage any good-looking woman stood next to you because you have a built-in conversation starter – simply by acknowledging the slowness of the queue. After that, it is up to you, but it may be nice to sit down for a nice coffee after queuing for so long…


Luxury Shopping

Now we don’t mean being creepy and hanging around the lingerie section leering at each woman imagining them wearing what they are looking at. No, that would just be plain weird. The way to do it is to go to a place where customers are passionate about what they buy and then ask for a female opinion on your potential purchase.

Let’s say that you are in a high-end clothing store and you are looking to buy a new jumper. Asking a passing good looking lady is a great idea because she’ll be flattered at being asked and you can easily get into a conversation with her. Please note that this method doesn’t work if you’re in Asda and ask the nearest woman whether Heinz beans or HP beans are the best. You’ll just come across as odd.

Night school


If you’ve been through college and university you might have sworn that you’ll never ever take a class again, but if you haven’t taken a night class, you are missing out on a great place to meet intelligent and beautiful women, as well as learn something new. Whatever you decide to study, whether it be pottery, art, or Renaissance poetry, chances are there are going to be some great looking, intelligent single women on your course.

Simply enjoy the course, engage with your fellow classmates and you’ll strike up friendships in no time. Who knows, one of these could lead to something more, and the good thing is you already have one thing in common.

Public transport

Woman on Bus

It is easy to get caught in a rut in modern life. Work, home, work, home – if you’re a busy person sometimes you barely have time to socialise and meet new people. That’s why public transport can be a great place to meet women that you will never run into at work or in the course of your normal day.

If she’s glued to her phone playing Candy Crush with headphones on she probably doesn’t want to have a conversation with you, but if you make eye contact with someone and even better raise a smile, she may well be open to it. Make it casual and quick and don’t forget to get her number before one of you get off, because there are no second chances on public transport; you may never see her again.

Your apartment building

CoupleIf you live in a block of flats or apartments, it’s easy to overlook how these might be great places to meet women. Sometimes the woman of your dreams might have been under your nose all this time! Keep your eyes open in the communal areas such as halls and stairwells and if you see someone you like, look for an opportunity to go and borrow a cup of sugar (or some other non-creepy excuse). If you have communal garden areas, go and sit outside in the summer, it’s a lot easier to strike up conversation whilst you are relaxed in the sunshine.


Canvassing Politician

If you’re a bit of a political animal, then why not get involved in your local political party of choice? From canvassing door-to-door, delivering leaflets or manning the phones, politics does tend to attract some very attractive women, and the common belief in the party’s politics can be a great thing to draw you all together. There is a great deal of camaraderie involved in politics as well as passion, and you never know some of it might just spill over into a different type of passion.

Museums and art galleries

Woman in Art Gallery

When was the last time you went into a museum or art gallery? For most people, it will probably be back when they were in school. But you shouldn’t fear these places! We bet you’ve complained in the past about not meeting enough intelligent and sophisticated women, but chances are they’re not going to be down you local (or not many of them anyway).

Get yourself out to some museums and art galleries and start appreciating the finer things in life. One of the best things about art is that all opinions are valid, so you can’t really look stupid when you strike up a conversation with the beautiful woman stood next to you. Museums are criminally under-attended by single men so the odds of you pulling a beautiful and sophisticated woman are much more stacked in your favour than anywhere else.

Organic supermarket

Organic Shopping

You may prefer to shop at your local shop but if you’re looking to meet and beautiful, intelligent, and sophisticated woman then you should be shopping at your local organic supermarket. This is because they’ll be interested in looking after themselves, and organic produce is so much better than what you get in a supermarket. Just remember to take plenty of money with you, as they can be very expensive places to shop, but it’s worth it just because you’ll have the opportunity to meet some amazing women.

Office parties

Office Party

You really should do all you can to avoid getting romantically involved with a co-worker because if you break up, it can have devastating effects on your work life. Remember that kinky thing you asked her to do that drunken night? Split up with her and it will be all over the office and the rest of the company within minutes.

However, someone else’s workplace is fair game, so if you can wangle an invite to your mate’s work do, you can meet some great looking women and not have to deal with the repercussions. Also, because everyone else will be talking about work, you can provide the beautiful ladies a welcome respite from conversations about reports, deadlines, and office politics.

The launderette

In Laundrette

There is nothing more boring that waiting for your washing in the launderette. The good news is, if there’s a beautiful woman sat in there too, she’ll be just as bored and will welcome the chance to take her mind off the monotony of the machines going round and round. Even if you’re seriously boring, you’re going to sound better than ever, so go for it! Just remember to hide any grossly stained underwear or seriously shocking fashion faux pas and you’ll be dating her in no time.

Hair salon

Man at Hair Salon

If you go to your local barber for your haircut, you are missing out on such an obvious place to meet women – the hair salon. Go to a stylish and modern one, and you’ll find not only are the clientele seriously fit – the staff are too. Who would you rather run their fingers through your hair: Big Bob from your local barbers with his fat hairy hands or a stunning blonde stylist full of sex appeal?

Female stylists really take their time on their clients and it’s a great way of engaging them, and other customers in conversation. You’ll probably be the only man in there, so make hay while the sun shines!

Children’s playcentres

Woman & Child

This may seem a little leftfield but remember when you were a kid and used to go to these places? It was always the mums who were there, far outnumbering the dads by at least four to one. The hardest thing you’ll find about using this as a tactic is finding a child to take. You’re going to look seriously weird if you turned up at one of these places alone!

If your mate has kids, ask to tag along and enjoy the mass of MILFs on show. Just remember to scan for wedding rings and don’t go for the ones whose kids look like a nightmare – you might just meet the woman of your dreams.

Exercise Class

Yoga Class

Exercise classes such as Spinning, Bokwa or Pilates are nearly always exclusively attended by women. Why? Because men think they are too macho and would rather faff about at the gym than attend a focussed exercise class that is full of beautiful, toned women. Mad isn’t it? Get yourself down to one as soon as you can because it’s quite simply the best place to meet seriously hot women!

You’ve all got something in common – taking the class and a love for fitness. It’s easy enough to strike up a conversation about how tough it was and the next thing you know you’ll be out on a date sipping cocktails.