Why The Selfish Reasons For Going To The Gym Are The Best Motivators

We all know the supposed ‘proper’ reasons we go to the gym. It’s good for you; it makes you fitter and more healthy. But sometimes, these reasons aren’t enough. How many people start a fitness program and then within just a few short months quit? It’s not that they have suddenly disagreed with the facts that they’ll be fitter and healthier. It’s most probably because these reasons aren’t enough motivation for them to carry on when the going gets tough.

It’s something that can affect all of us. There are people who have spent years in the gym, who all of a sudden lose all interest and quit, never to return. What people need to do to prevent this is to work out what really motivates them, not what should motivate them, and as humans, most of these things are completely, and unashamedly, shallow and selfish. Below, we take a look at some of the main selfish reasons to go to the gym. Work out which ones work for you and keep them in mind when the going gets tough. You’ll never quit!

Bumping into old classmates

Class reunion image

Imagine how bad you’d feel if you bumped into an old school friend after several months of quitting the gym. Flabby, frumpy with greasy skin, and wearing baggy clothes to hide the rolls of fat, it’s going to be a bit embarrassing, isn’t it? Imagine now if you stayed at the gym, all ripped and raring to go, looking in peak physical condition. Even better if the old school friend you’ve just met is the old school bully who is now a fat sweaty mess who looks like they couldn’t actually fit through the door of a gym.

Enjoying your holiday to the fullest

fat man on beach

Imagine taking your clothes on the beach to reveal your ripped torso or lithe bikini clad figure. It feels great when everyone looks at you. Take a few minutes to think about it – feels good, doesn’t it? Now imagine the same scene when instead of eating the miles up on the treadmill, all you’ve been eating up are pies. Taking your clothes off to reveal a pasty, fleshy and flabby body with a protruding gut isn’t going to feel too good, is it? Book your holiday well in advance and keep these images in your head!

The friend that would love for you to quit

jealous girls

We all have one of those friends don’t we, who we don’t really know why they’re our friend. You’ve nothing much in common and they always seem to be competing with you and asserting their superiority. Now imagine how much delight you would give them if you quit. They would love it wouldn’t they? Don’t give in and make their day!

Setting a good example for your kids

the perfect happy family

If you’ve got kids, who would they rather pick them up from school? The lean, ripped really fit looking person who glows with health, or a tired, flabby mess whose belly is straining to get out of their tracksuit? You might not realise it, but your training is showing your kids a fantastic example, and one that will guide them well in later life. Your kids will always love you regardless, but they’ll respect you more if you’re not a quitter.

Helping your career

man at interview

It’s not supposed to, of course, but if we’re being realistic, looking good always helps matters. It makes you feel good, which can be infectious, rubbing off on colleagues and managers, and marking you out as a real positive influence in the company. Also, if you’re up for an interview against a candidate that is just as strong as you, it is human nature that generally people will be drawn to the more attractive candidate. Unfair, yes, but true. Stay at the gym and get that promotion!

Stress relief

man with head on desk

As companies ask for more and more out of their employees and we all seem to be working longer hours, stress is something that most of us can recognise. And, there is no better way of getting rid of stress than a good session in the gym. Whether it is an intense cardio session or a really hard session on the weights, you feel good after a session in the gym and the stress melts away. Your family and friends benefit as well when you see them too, calm, relaxed and focussed, rather than snappy and shouty. If you quit the gym, where is all that stress going to go? It could start building up and become something of a serious problem.

The opposite sex

beautiful couple

We’ve left it till last because it is the number one reason that most people work out. It is natural for people to want to look attractive to the opposite sex. If you’re single, you might be on the lookout for that partner for life, or maybe just a bit of fun. Whatever the reason, if you’re not looking your best, you’re not going to pull too easily if you’re pasty and flabby!!

And don’t think this reason excludes you if you are married or in a relationship. That’s not the end of the ‘trying’ you have to do. Relationships have to be worked on, and looking good for your partner is a great way of showing that you take your relationship seriously. Next time you’re thinking of quitting, just think that if you start to get a bit flabby and tired looking, your partner might start looking elsewhere!

Next time you’re thinking of quitting the gym, don’t think about why you are supposed to be there. Think about the selfish reasons why you are there. They are much more motivating!