Jobs Of The Future: Up And Coming Jobs Worthy of Consideration

It’s never easy trying to pick a career path. Some believe they are destined for certain occupations as a child and end up wandering into something a little more mundane in their adult life, whereas others simply see working as a necessary chore that needs to be done – and aimlessly flit between the jobs that are currently available in their local area in order to pay the bills.

Of course, it’s far easier to carve out a successful career if you know what sort of industries are going to boom in the future. Landing a position in a lucrative trade will not only guarantee you things like a good salary and benefits – it’ll also mean that you remain safe and sound in a stable job rather than scrambling around in a desperate attempt to find work.

Naturally, there are no guarantees about which jobs will remain profitable forever, and nobody can honestly and truthfully declare that they know exactly what the future holds for occupations on planet earth. But a wide variety of researchers and analysts have made intelligent and informed calculations about the kind of positions that people will be battling for thirty years down the line – many of which are listed below.

Easing yourself into one of these industries right now (or a few years later depending on your age) might just increase your chances of earning a healthy and dependable living in the future.



What coins you ask? No, it’s not a typo. Bitcoins are actually the biggest digital currency used on the web today, and some projections from web experts suggest that this method of online payment is all set to take over the financial world a few years into the future.

If you’re not too internet-savvy, chances are you might not have heard of these little nuggets of Internet gold. However, those who buy and sell frequently on the web will be all-too-familiar with their presence. Getting involved in the Bitcoin industry by taking a position like a “Bitcoin Security Office”, “Bitcoin Copywriter”, “Bitcoin Analyst” or “Bitcoin Software Engineer” might just be something you can hang on to and make a lot of money from when this digital currency takes over the Internet in a few decades time.

Urban Farming

Educational Battery Urban Farm project in Manhatten New York
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You might not like it, but the world is swiftly beginning to look a lot less like a lush, green fertile land and more like a skyscraper-studded urban metropolis with every passing day. If you’re not content to sit there and watch every blade of grass get tucked away underneath endless slabs of concrete, perhaps you ought to consider a career in urban farming.

This occupation involves the application of innovative methods to keep much of the world’s natural beauty intact – finding ways for plants to thrive between tall buildings, and utilising the existing greenery on earth to localise food production for each community. Urban farming will be recruiting a wide variety of people in the future, and will allow workers to preserve the earth’s natural look whilst enhancing the planet’s eco-friendliness.

Social Work For Social Media

Phone apps
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Given the rate at which the world of Internet technology has rapidly expanded in recent years, readying yourself for a position in social media in the future seems to be a pretty obvious choice on paper (or should that be on computer screens?). However, alongside the boom of the Internet has arisen a rather troubling issue – cyber bullying.

This is a problem that goes way beyond the occasional swipe on a Facebook photo or cynical reply to a Tweet – cyber bullying is something that actively destroys lives. Every generation needs social workers who will offer support to those who’ve had a rough upbringing or experienced persecution – and the Internet generation is no different.

Becoming involved in social work for social media may not just guarantee you a stable position – it may also be hugely rewarding and enable you to save lives.

Avatar Management & Production

Human hologram projection

Ever wished you could be at two places at once? Well, in the future, you’ll be able to. Scientific evidence suggests that avatars and holograms will be so advanced in future years that someone will be able to stand in one place and have their image projected to a variety of other locations. Someday, these holograms may even be able to operate entirely alone – without a human controlling them.

Whilst this may seem like mind-boggling stuff right now, in the future, it could well be the norm. If you can nudge your children into this industry soon, they may end up developing the very same sort of technology that their children will utilise to be freelance teachers lecturing a hundred classes at once, or doctors who could perform medical procedures on patients without even having to be in the same room as them.

Body Part Production

Prosthetic legOne of the most fascinating things to have emerged in the modern day is the development of artificial limbs for those who have suffered serious injuries or have been born with defects. The capability of these mechanical body parts is increasing by the day, and technology has already reached a point where the limbs are beginning to look eye-grippingly reminiscent of original human arms or legs.

Body part making is already an industry that’s demanding intelligent recruits, and whilst we can keep our fingers crossed that there won’t be demand for artificial limbs on an enormous scale, there’s a rewarding and high-paying future career here for those who have a bit of knack for tech and science.