10 Things Women Don’t Want You to Know

All good relationships are based on honesty, right? Well, yes, but there are certain things women don’t want their partners to know, just as there are certain things we don’t want them to know! So, here’s our guide to the 10 things women don’t want you to know about them….

How much things cost

woman buying shoes

Is your partner always bringing home shoes and other items of clothing? Always the best brands, but always bought in a sale for ridiculously cheap? You’re being lied to! Women never tell the entire truth when it comes to the cost of clothes and shoes. That Gucci bag that’s got 10% off? They’ll say its 50%. Why so they do this? Because men simply don’t understand what it costs to look good as a woman. And this is before we’ve broached the subject of manicures and facials. Most men would weep if they knew the true cost of these! We certainly did when we found out!

Heels really hurt

woman wearing high heels

You know the really mad thing? Those heels that she said cost £50 (but really cost closer to £150) aren’t even comfortable! But she’ll never admit it. Through the years, men have continually uttered, “Why don’t you wear something a bit more comfortable?” as they witness the scowl across their face as they walk in their recently put in heels. Women hate to admit men might be right but more so they love looking good and those heels did cost a fortune so they’ve got to get their money’s worth, however painful it is!

Women aren’t unappreciative of men’s help; It’s just we’re a bit rubbish

woman making bed

We try our best, don’t we lads? However lazy or unthoughtful we may naturally be, we try and do our bit to make the bed, put away the shopping and do a whole host of other household tasks and chores. But what you probably don’t know is that most women will do these things straight after us because however well we do it, it’s not quite good enough for them.

Most women have a particular way of doing things, and whilst they don’t want to be unappreciative (which is why they don’t say anything), it’s just as easy to let you get on with it and then them correct it when you’ve gone elsewhere. However metrosexual you may think you are, there really is nothing like the feminine touch.

Women are seriously hairy

Woman shaving

Women are so smooth and sexy, aren’t they? What they don’t want you to know is just how much work it has taken to get like that, never mind the expense! From shaving and waxing to lasers and other hair loss treatments, staying hair free can be a full time occupation sometimes!

Whilst us men deep down probably know how hairy real women can be, we probably just don’t want to admit it. So next time your other half gets all dressed up and is looking for a compliment, don’t hold back. It’s taken a lot of work, money and pain to get to that look!

Getting ready

Woman getting ready

Women take an age to get ready to go out, but don’t want s to know just how long. Us men are lucky. Jump in the shower and throw some clothes on. Women, on the other hand, have a process. It involves showering, shaving, moisturising, hair drying, hair straightening, make-up and then the hardest part… choosing something to wear! Even girls who prefer the more natural look take an absolute age!

Women tell their friends everything

Two smiling girls watching something in mobile phone

From the moment you met your girlfriend/wife, her friends have known everything about your relationship. And, we mean EVERYTHING. So, not just what you’ve been up to or where you’re planning on going on holiday, we’re talking all your strange habits, all the secrets you’ve told her and even that weird sex thing you asked her to do when you were a bit drunk. So, the next time her girlfriends are round and they begin to giggle and look at you in a funny way, you are right to feel very uncomfortable!

Women will stalk you

Woman on laptop looking shocked

Not in that weird kind of dangerous way. No, we’re talking stalking you on social media. As soon as she met you, you can guarantee that she will have been straight onto your Facebook profile, looking through every one of your photographs in great detail.

She’ll also have gone back several years through your timeline. After all, you could be some kind of psycho. You can guarantee she’ll have Googled the hell out of your name, because the fact is, they want to know everything about you and your exes.

They have secretly changed you

Couple using tablet

Think you’re the same person you were when you met your partner? Ha! You’re not. Think it’s just down to you ‘growing up’ and wanting to ‘settle down’. Sorry to tell you, it’s had nothing to do with you, you’ve been changed. It’s a fact of life that after a year or so together, men begin to dress a bit better, look after their home a bit better and start to think a bit more long term, and it’s all down to that special lady in your life.

They are planning long term

Woman organises her wedding

Even if you’ve only been with your girlfriend for a matter of weeks, you can guarantee that she is already planning long term. That means she’ll have thought about marriage, kids and where your first home together will be.

Yes, you may just be in the casual early stages of your relationship, but it’s in most women’s DNA to start thinking these things early on in a relationship; they can’t help it. Don’t worry though; they’re just thinking it, so nothing too much to worry about. It’s when you start seeing bridal magazines that you should start panicking…

They’re afraid of losing you

man and woman in car

Women often put up a strong front, but the fact is, if you’re in a good relationship, they’ll hate the thought of losing you. Women don’t want their heart broken, which is why they put this act on, and they don’t want to be looked on as vulnerable and needy. So, be nice, make your woman feel secure and enjoy your time together. If you’ve found ‘the one’, then you’re a very lucky man.